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Dancehall artiste Konshens is looking to give his fandom a name and is offering them some advice on how to live ‘by their own rules and morality.’

On Saturday, the Gal A Bubble singer took to Instagram to reupload a once deleted picture with a new inspirational message.  In the picture, Konshens stands in front of a burning building in black pants and a black shirt that some have called “shakey” when it was uploaded the first time.

In the caption, he encouraged his fans to carve out their own path in life and do what makes them happy regardless of what anyone else thinks. He also encourages people not to judge and to set their own rules.

“Represent for the youths who say what they want, do what they want, think independently, play by no one else’s rules, set their own rules according to their own feelings and own morality. never pressed, live and let live and NEVER judge,” the singer said.

Konshens took some fire from Foota Hype last week after he openly laughed at the veteran selector, whose harassment of Koffee was the subject of a viral video from Youtuber Zandramah.  Several other Jamaican entertainers, including Serani, Ce’Cile, and Skatta Burrell, have also called out Foota over his ‘constant bullying’ of Koffee about her style of dress and assumed sexuality.

Hype, in an Instagram post, called Konhens ungrateful for allegedly helping his career and suggested that the singer was a “bowers boy and mi str8 like arrow and boasy wid it.”

Some fans still weren’t happy with the shirt with one fan saying, “Go tek off deh blouse deh?? ” to which one fan clapped back and said, “as individuals we are free to be true to our authentic self whether the world is accepting or not.”

Konshens also requested suggestions for a name to represent his global fandom.

People left very interesting suggestions in the comments like: “Call us your SUBscribers? …. O.K. I’ll show myself out. ” and “Sub Gang / Sub Kon/Sub …..Summin lol Jus start wid sub


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