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Veteran Jamaican deejays have been inundated with medical problems in the last week. Following the loss of Purpleman and the news that Alozade suffered a stroke, more bad news has surfaced that Major Mackerel has lost his foot while battling an unknown disease.

His team issued the following statement on their social media channels: “Just wanted to share some sad news before the media! Major Mackerel was admitted to hospital on Wednesday and has sadly had his leg amputated. It was a hard decision but the best one. He is in good spirit and coming round well. He still has his witty sense of humour and stated “it’s better loose a leg than loose an icon.”

The 52 year-old, who is a an eighties icon, for songs like Pretty Looks Done, Sorry Fi Both and Cow Cod began his career in 1978. He is probably most famously known for surviving an attack by a jealous husband wielding a two-foot samurai sword.

Major Mackerel, whose real name is Garfield Dixon, was the victim of the attack about nine years ago. He was slashed across the head and hand during a fight outside his East Flatbush home. He suffered a severe cut on his left palm during the scuffle.

He is also famously known for his screeching sounds when he performed live or in studio. His style was also said to be adopted by female deejay Lady Mackerel, now known as Macka Diamond.

Fans of the veteran were quick to comment and wish him all the best with some seeming to have inside information, like this fan who said: “He was suffering with that leg for quite awhile. He can get a prosthetic leg. Thank god he’s in good spirits . Speedy recovery my brother,” and this one who added: “man ya a legend enu , in Kanye West intro for “mercy” they used his voice for their rap video, hope he recovers and heal and be back outside with us to voice more great memories.”

Others expressed shock like this fan: “Dam what happened ? One of my favorite ole school artists.”


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