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Masicka, one of Jamaica’s youngest and brightest Dancehall artistes, says he’s making an ‘investment’ in himself by building a home studio.

During a recent Live video, the King Inna Earth singer showed off his new studio, which is currently under construction. “Yeah ah me studio dis people, you see how it big?…so ah d facility this yuh seet, you done know,” he proudly declared.

He went on to give his viewers a tour of the building. “Dis ah d hallway yah suh, the bathroom dung inna d corner deso, cut out the wall dung deso so me can see thru…ah brick we go man, block and cement can’t move, block and cement stand up fi eva man.”

Masicka went on to explain his motivation behind constructing his own facility. “You haffi ah mek decisions fi the yute dem rich too. Feel like we ah wutless boy? Smoke out and drink out we money and gyal out we money like some clown…ah me yute dem me say yute, yeah ah mi family straight up..”

He further took his viewers on a tour on the outside of the building. 

‘Yeah man ah up inna d acre we deh, we have everything up yah, breadfruit, pear everything…ah di studio dat..whole heap ah land space man. All apartment can build up ah dem side yah man. Yeah so studio soon open,” the singer declared.

Masicka however, had very strong words for his not so progressive colleagues in Dancehall. “Stop follow up some waste gyal yute, run backa some careless gyal like unu ah idiot. Waste unu momey den ah come talk bout people ah fight unu inna music. Whole heap ah money unu mek, ah chu unu nuh have no sense. Dunce unu dunce that’s why unu cant achieve nutten.” He stated in no uncertain terms.

“You can’t be an artiste and nuh have a studio, you ah waste man..invest inna yourself you hear at,” he advised.

Masicka, whose real name is Javaun Fearon is known for a string of hit songs, including Infrared with Vybz Kartel, Leader with Dexta Daps, Top Form, Stay Strong, and They Don’t Know.


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