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After a week of previews and teasing, Genahsyde vanguard Masicka finally debuted his newest track, Promise.

The song is a gritty, inspiring collaboration with newcomers Shane Skull and Wirebrain that’s already created a significant buzz among the Infrared deejay’s fanbase. Masicka has commanded a tremendous amount of attention and respect since he emerged, and his fans are quick to note that their artist never misses a beat. Now the esteemed emcee who says he’s been hunting for “greatness long before Guiness mek” is passing the torch to two other gifted youngsters. 

Fortunate enough to work with heavyweights such as Popcaan and Vybz Kartel over the years, Masicka understands the significance of paying it forward. The sharp youngster also knows the value of investing fully in his craft, and recently used IG Live to give fans a peek of his studio which is still under construction. His endorsement on the joint track is a good look for the rookies’ careers and they both rose to the occasion, delivering their best bars on the breakout single.

Some of Shane Skull’s more memorable lines include, “Coz mi nuh miss when me a hussle, run inna dem house an every mickle mek a mukkle/ Finger strength, quick mi flick di muscle/ Hard ball, full di clip an mi nuh tussle”, while Wirebrain spits on his verse, “Firm an solid so we trodding everyday til we vanish, bwoy doh f*** wid di cabbage/ Higher level college, ghetto yutes get knowledge/ I promise neva sell mi soul fi di lavish.”

Masicka starts and ends the track with the catchy, cautionary chorus. “Tell mi family mi promise, mi swear seh we haffi live lavish til di day I vanish/ Tek a boat go a foreign if it slow up inna di fourteen parish/ Ah who dem a b*******t trick like slavery abolish/ Wild an mi dawg dem hoggish, buss yuh head wid di .40 it smooth like polish.” Captured between ghetto streets and studio settings, the visuals are now at 100K views and counting since its 3pm premiere.

Judging by the fan reactions, the artist “find it again”, and the upful anthem will no doubt reach trending soon.

“This gonna be my neighbours favourite song ……. whether they like it or not”, wrote one fan, while another quipped, “Love how Masicka a give the youths them the platform. Whole team out Fully Crocs. For a while I taught he was the only one in Genahsyde but the generals them at him side lyrical as him. Wirebrain you madddddddddd”.


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