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Grooming himself as an artiste since 2017, Kxng Izem started his career professionally when he recorded, mixed, and engineered his first project 24 Eden Gardens, Kgn 10 under the moniker Dmitri Izem. Since then he has steadily honed his craft and is finding new ways to advance in the music industry.

Let’s find out more about Kxng Izem.

What makes Kxng Izem interesting?

I bring the dancehall to reggae and I bring them both to some of the prominent world sounds. The message of Rastafari can be identified whether upfront or subtly in whichever sound I create. Just as I mix genres but keep the roots in the music, that’s the same to take away from me as a person and my style. When you see me you know I’m a Rastafarian you don’t have to ask regardless of how I might dress.

When did you recognize your love for music?

I’ve been involved in music since 2011 in high school. My friends were artists and producers and I was always interested and I used to have a small computer mic that I would use to record songs I made with when my parents left the house. It was after I sent a song to a friend of mine, Lucas Music, who is now a gospel artiste, that I got the chance to record my first song in the studio.  This was 2012.

Who have you collaborated with and where have you performed?

You know I met Blvk H3ro back in 2013/2014 when I was transitioning from a dancehall practitioner to reggae and I believe he was on the same journey, from ever since I’ve been a fan of his style of music and we decided to pursue a collaboration during this pandemic and it marks the first official collaboration from Kxng Izem.

Coming up I also collaborated with Lucas. Somewhat I can say that I toured some parts of Jamaica lol. I’ve never left the island for music, well not yet but in due time I will be able to answer this question with more excitement.

What are you now working on now?

My latest single is STONE LOVE and it is a part of an upcoming project entitled Wildfire which is self-explanatory for the impact my music is going to make in the industry.

My biggest accomplishment in music is being able to grow spiritually and let it reflect in my music, there’s continuous growth for me, I can identify when something’s “off” or “on” and that’s the biggest accomplishment in life because with that, correction and improvement is possible.

What are your future plans?

I wish that my music will continue to grow, spread to the many corners of this earth and I wish that the messages engraved in the music is being properly analyzed and pursued. I wish to be able to physically meet my fans locally and abroad and share this “Jah given energy” on stage with them.

What would you change about dancehall?

Not only the dancehall industry but the wider society, the inner cities as that’s where dancehall artistes and supporters mainly come from. The concept of love and family(togetherness) should take precedence in this industry so that there is room for massive growth. I mean, competition is great but unity is excellent. These are the things we must consider for the industry to truly grow.

What is one thing you now know and wish you knew before?

Hmmm, that monsters are real LOL.


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