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Dancehall star Popcaan has seemingly gotten wind of the mischaracterization of his nationality and genre of music on an American podcast, and he has clapped back in a major way.

The podcast, Thots Next Door, streamed on the No Jumper YouTube channel on Tuesday with hosts Aliza and Celina, and guest Slim Danger, who is a baby mama of American rapper Chief Keef.  During the segment, host Aliza insinuated that Popcaan was a “Canadian rapper,” while Danger called out the Dancehall artiste for dodging her.

In a video on his Instagram account on Thursday, the FIXTAPE singer made a stinging retort aimed at Slim Danger, classifying her as a “p-ss up mouth gal”.

He went on further to say “watch how you call man b—–claat name, real authentic yaad man this, you better move”.

Popcaan captioned the video with the statement,  “YAAD REP( several Jamaica flag emojis, to make sure there is no mistake) a nuh B—–t DOM REP( smiley face) me unruly them unu done har fimme dey!!!.”

Aliza, Celina and guest Slim Danger

It seems that several persons were already ready for the clap back and began issuing retorts of their own and making fun of the woman.

Flairy-Queen-Jan4 commented “your a canadian rapper , who tf is popcaaan lol….. but come to think of it we nuh know dem”.

Another follower, Iqdiprince’s comment was short but straight to the point “Di gyal favour ediyat”.

Youtube and social media influencer Trabass, responded with four laughing emojis as the internet continued to bash the woman for her uninformed comment.

The Unruly Boss seems quite unruffled about the entire thing as demonstrated by his “freshness” the start of the video as he applied his cologne.


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