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Unruly Boss Popcaan recently joined his protege Quada for an Instagram Live session which can best be described as full of “trouble” and “skin teeth.”

The conversation, which streamed yesterday, varied from talking about their comedic friends to animals such as monkeys in Guyana.  When the topic switched to lizards in the Cayman Islands, the Never Sober singer commented in the most unexpected way, to the obvious shock of Quada.

“Mi gad a same suh mi hear dem have some big lizard a Cayman Island,” says Quada after which Popcaan replied, “yeah man dem have lizard every weh a just one lizard dem cah find fi years now but the rest a dem deh bout.”

Quada replied after a pause, “di res a dem deh deh mi gad”. 

Popcaan joined the Vybz Kartel-led Gaza Music Empire in the late 2000s where he was eventually featured on his breakout hit, Clarks with his now incarcerated, former mentor. 

His joke was made in reference to Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, the man Kartel was convicted of murdering in 2011.  

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; Shawn Campbell, also called Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones and Andre St John were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for Williams’ slaying in April 2014 in a trial which lasted for sixty-five days, the longest in Jamaica’s history.

In April 2020, the Jamaican Court of Appeal affirmed the 2014 murder conviction of Kartel and his co-convicts but reduced their parole serving time by two and half years each.  Vybz Kartel, who received the harshest sentence, will now be eligible for parole in 2046.

Lizard’s body was never found.

Text message and other evidence presented during the trial and appeal, which the defense claimed was tampered with, asserted that Lizard was beaten to death, ‘chopped up’ and disposed of.

“Tween me an u a chop we chop up the bwoy Lizard fine fine and dash him way inuh. As long as u live dem can never find him,” one message attributed to Kartel read.

After watching the chat, one person commented, “No body found tho, my man’s probably hiding it’s Jamaican way of trying to get rid of controversial artiste since bob marley, government try a ting #freeaddi#worl ‘boss”

Another fan added, “Popi a one real trouble Meka …an mi think him chat to much.


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