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It was a great couple of days in the Dancehall fraternity this week, today saw the releases of Vybz Kartel’s epic gun tune Yami Bolo, Protoje’s new album with hot Koffee and Lila Iké collabs, and Tarrus Riley’s new album with a new Shenseea track. Between Jada Kingdom and the dancers from Aidonia’s music video for Hey Girl, there was enough booty-shaking visuals to last us for a while.

Rygin King is walking around with a heavy heart these days, while Gyptian is feeling a little heartbroken and deeply regretting a break-up. Jahmiel is fed up with the injustice he sees going on around and not to mention some others, namely Bounty Killer and Agent Sasco, and Bugle, Jesse Royal & Kabaka Pyramid who are all on a mission to change the world.

There is so much more to enjoy, check out our top picks this week for your Dancehall playlists, with exclusive highlights, reviews and accompanying music videos for each.

In no particular order.

Vybz Kartel – Yami Bolo

The very prolific, Vybz Kartel drops this gruesome gun tune to conjure fear the way a real gangster does in his new single Yami Bolo. The Hi-Def music video is an artful mini-movie, which finds his GAZA subordinates carrying out a horrendous assassination. From the suspenseful and thrill-effecting hunt to the gruesome kill, you wont be able to look away until then end.

Released today August 28, Produced by Drop Top Records, directed by Romillion Entertainment and shot by Lagikz Visualz, watch the gory visuals for the Yami Bolo music video here –

Protoje & Koffee – Switch It Up

From Protoje’s newly released album, In Search Of Lost Time, the single Switch It Up (Track -1) featuring the Grammy Kid, Koffee displays an electrifying lyric-slinging segment with the two towards the end of the song. Switch It Up talks about the two-faced individuals who say one thing today and the opposite tomorrow. The track’s intro goes, “Dem say dem love we but dat a yessideh, get what dem want and switch it up already. Dem nah go draw we out oh no nuh today, it nuh suh easy fi drain mi energy, cause blessings fall any weh we deh – a good we good wid everybody.”

Released today, August 28, produced by In.Digg.Nation Collective, Six Course Music and RCA Records, Listen to Protoje and Koffee’s, Switch It Up here –

Protoje & Lila Iké – In Bloom

Another new track from Protoje’s newly released album, In Search Of Lost Time, the single In Bloom (Track-7) featuring Reggae songbird Lila Iké, is a sweet, indulgent ballad. Protoje and Lila interchange verses professing their love to each other. “Never find a better place to be than wrapped up in your time, cant seem to go without the thought of being all up in your life. Hold me down don’t ever let me leave this part of your design … I’m right here for you,” they sing together for a part of the song.

Released today, August 28, produced by In.Digg.Nation Collective, Six Course Music and RCA Records, Listen to In Bloom with Protoje and Lila Iké here –

Protoje – Self Defense

The new visualizer for Self Defense related well to the lyrics with Protege appears to be teaching Lila how to defend herself. The song focused heavily on gender-based violence meted out by men into the women in Jamaica, both in a domestic and public setting. The song encourages women to fight back as shown with the lines “make a bwoy know if him touch him regret it”

The song also criticizes the theory that violence in Jamaica stems from Dancehall music. It’s one of those songs that will survive the test of time.

Jada Kingdom – Budum

Dancehall vixen Jada Kingdom, aka Mumma Heavy, puts on a striking display in her new music video for her single Budum, and you’ve guessed it … yes, its about her very heavy rear-end. Jada simply brags about her irresistibility with the men, “Him want up mi budum dum budum dum, love off mi budum dum budum dum, a mad off ova mi budum dum budum dum, a cry fi mi budum dum badum dum,” she sings on repeat for a pretty catchy hook. Then shows off her curvaceous bod in several colorful costumes with corresponding plots. 

Released yesterday August 27, produced by Davida-Mae Chambers & 300K/ choreographed by Shamara Spence and distributed by her label Mad Decent, watch Budum here –

Aidonia – Hey Girl

When the dancers are that good, sometimes it’s best to just sit back and watch. Dancehall artiste Aidonia takes the Director’s chair in his latest music video, leaving himself completely out of the new visuals. In the single, the 4th Genna Boss masterly finesses and encourages lewd deeds while riddling his lavish rewards in return.

Released on August 22 and produced by 4th Genna Music/ Darshan Records, directed by KLIK Fotos and distributed by Hapilos, watch it here –

Amaria – Hypocrite

Amaria is a British pop rapper/singer and evidently a deejay in her new single Hypocrite. The 17-year old mixes strong Jamaican dialect and verses from classic Dancehall tunes with her sweet falsetto tones in her new song. “Bun fire pon di hypocrite dem, bun smoke pon yuh badmind friend,” she sing in a serenading style delivery for the chorus then goes on to unleash even more expletives at her haters.

Released August 17, produced by JDot TV Media, watch Amaria in her new music video for Hypocrite here –

Beenie Man – Neva Eva

With the new album on the way, King Beenie Man drops what will likely be another single from the upcoming collection this week – Neva Eva. This one opens with the Dancehall veteran sharing some wise counsel, particular to the bigheaded youths in the streets. “Neva eva you underestimate, every man squeeze trigger. Neva eva tink a you alone bad cause another man badder,” he reiterates in the hook of the new track.

Released on August 21, produced by Sipo Records and distributed by Zojak World Wide, listen to the official audio here –

Bounty Killer – Freedom

Bounty Killer recruited Agent Sasco, Chevaughn and The LC Show (Sasco’s daughter) for a powerful track about the Black Lives Matter movement titled, Freedom. Bounty, as an advocate for change and social justice, reminds everyone that there will be no peace until the Freedom is realized for all.

Produced by Agent Sasco’s Diamond Studios with music composed by Dale “Dizzle” Virgo and Serani, the track was released today.

Tarrus Riley x Shenseea x Rvssian – Lighter

Tarrus Riley dropped his album, Healing today, with a collaboration with Dancehall songstress Shenseea that worked amazingly well.   Lighter gives off a 90s vibe and will command many replays.

An official music video is expected soon, but in the meantime, the song is available on several digital streaming services.

I Waata – Start It

It’s always a treat when one of the most energetic Dancehall talents appears on screen. I Waata pops his collar on his red polo shirt in this one entitled Start It while boasting his greenness to the old-timers in the music field. His badness is digital, not old and analog like the others he says. Sharp and ready for the badness, “Tell dem Start It, ready fi war,” is just a snippet of his easy lyrical execution in the track.

Debuted on August 19, produced by Zeng Zeng Music Group and directed by KD Visuals, here is the new music video below –

I Waata – Detta Play

IWaata makes his way back again in another release, Detta Play that dropped just days later. The video is a grim gully-side plot where he’s surrounded by his masked entourage throwing-up gang signs and gestures to support the deejay in this gun tune. IWaata calls out the big talkers and fake badmen in the area, “talking bout killing and none a dem nuh know di meaning … neva yet willing to go on a mission,” he sings. Then goes on to lyric how its really done, “Any weh yuh deh man pull up ah yuh foot, point it – boop – head separate. Copper chop yuh skin, trunk beat like rididim… When the Detta spray put dem out one a way, dem cannot getaway.”

Released on August 23, produced by Gego Don Records – Safe & Sound Records and distributed by Johnny Wonder. See the new music video by Kd Visuals 876 here –

Demarco – Skill Mi Skill

If you didn’t know, now you will. Dancehall artiste Demarco says not only is he built for any weather but is also as skillful as it gets. In fact if it wasn’t for his wicked skilfulness, he wouldn’t be here today.

Released on August 19, produced by Demarco and his teaming with True Gift Entertainment, listen to the official audio for Skill Mi Skill here- 

Rygin King – No Emotion

This heartfelt single touches on the many woes that plagues Dancehall artiste Rygin King’s mind. While the Hennessey takes away all the emotions, the deejay says it also makes him think too much. “No Emotion … mi nuh too show dat, f—k love that come with heartache and discomfort. Yuh fren betray yuh and it cut like razor. Yuh gal bun yuh and it shock like taser. Mi see blood splash, blood splash, tears drop but eye water cant make life come back,” he verses in the single.

Released on August 22, produced by Droptop Records and Rygin Trap Records, listen to the official audio here-

Quada – AMG

Dancehall artiste Quada, a well-known associate of the Unruly Camp seems a little too playful with Mavado’s name in his new single AMG and it wouldn’t have been the first time. While the deejay speaks in-depth about his supped up customized AMG machine, diced in some ostentatious verses. He also brags about his suave girl-snatching skills, insinuating perhaps a taking of the Gully Gad’s girl … it’s right at the intro, you can’t miss it.

Released on August 24, produced by Zimi Entertainment, watch the new AMG music video and listen keenly to the track here –

Jahvillani – Heavy Weight

From the get-go, Jahvilllani launches into his clever metaphorical delivery in his new single, Heavy Weight. The single is another portrayal of Jahvillani’s ‘too cool for school’ attitude, which coincides with his deliberate absence from the music video. The visuals takes us right inside a pristine trap house ran by several trap queens, lightly clothed underneath lab coats and wearing face masks. As chemicals are being weighed, loads of cash sifts through money counting machines and subsequently stacked by rubber bands.

Released on August 21, produced by Jah Kooks at Blaze It Up Records & Carlos Records and directed by Hakeem Hunter Productions and co-directed by Davyfreshh, watch Jahvillani’s Heavy Weight music video on the Fighter Jet Riddim here –

Jahvillani – God of War

In another new release, Jahvilllani calls himself God of War, flexing his gangster ways to elicit intimidation on every level. In an incessant ripping of lyrics, the deejay paints a picture of an explosive war zone as he launches missiles, fires off his big guns, drops grenades with no care in world, even the innocent gets no mercy.

Released on August 25, produced by JB Productions and directed by KD Visuals, check out the new single and music video for God of War below –

I Octane – Road Runner

Dancehall artiste I Octane is the Road Runner in his new single. Decked in the freshest gears, dripping in diamonds, and armed with his Matic, the deejay says he has the road locked. The music video shows off the big house and fancy cars with a lovely crew of ladies. When they hit the road on a night out, I Octane ‘turns up’ at the club, sitting cushy in VIP while his ladies cool him down with money fans.

Released on August 21, produced by Jah Kooks at Blaze It Up Records & Carlos Records and Directed by Hakeem Hunter and co-Directed by Davyfreshh, watch the Road Runner music video on the Fighter Jet riddim here –

Bugle, Jesse Royal & Kabaka Pyramid – Change The World

Taking on a personal fight in police brutality and the Black Lives matter movement, Reggae roots revivalists, Bugle, Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid teams for this impactful single – Change The World. The three musicians take turns versing several tough life experiences and injustices faced by their own, representing for the people and encouraging them to fight back. The music video is vivid depiction of such, acted out by the deejay in an Oscar Award worthy presentation.

Released on August 22, produced by An9ted Entertainment and A Just Di Vybz Music and directed by BussWeh Visuals, watch Change The World here –

Kabaka Pyramid – Nice Up The Dance

Kabaka Pyramid is a force to be reckoned with in this remake of Michigan & Smiley’s 1979 classic single, Nice Up The Dance. The deejay infuses new vibrations on old lyrics and on the same Real Rock riddim. The retro-style music video finds the modern-day ‘lyrical champion’, Kabaka skanking it through the urban streets of the ghetto, donned in a flashy sea-blue tracksuit with his tiny radio set perched atop his shoulders.

Released on August 25, produced by Jeremy Harding of VP Records for the Dancehall Anthems Project and directed by 300K and Davida-Mae Chambers watch the visuals for Kabaka’s new and improved Nice Up The Dance below –

Jahmiel – Different

Dancehall artiste Jahmiel says he’s no follower but is that of a leader in his new single Different. “Mi nuh follow di crowd, mi ting diff-er-ent. Black and mi proud and mi nu in a dem,” he sings. The verses are his weapon against vile policymakers who takes advantage of the people.

Released on August 24, produced by Quantanium Records & Patriotz Muzik and distributed by Hapilos, listen to Jahmiels new track Different below –

Likkle Vybz – Daily

Dancehall newcomer, Likkle Vybz says he’s stacking cheddar daily, singing, “money haffi come mi can’t move lazy,” while counting coils of cash in his new music video. The young GAZA royalty effortlessly dishes out his rich verses but even though he’s unfazed with his spending, the millions he says are pending. Nonetheless, his girls are plenty and willing – shaking their derriere and splashing about in his swimming pool.

Released on August 23, produced By Short Boss Muzik and distributed By Johnny Wonder. Watch the new music video by Damaniac Visualz below –

 Elegance – Levels Now

Dancehall artist Elegance shares his rags to riches journey in his single Levels Now. The title suggests that he’s now on a higher level and living his dream. The deejay delivers the track from his lovely home where his sleek BMW is nicely parked in the carport. A far cry from the board house he grew up in and brushing his teeth with salt he says in the lyrics.

Released on August 21, producer by Wizzyhemton and Deucegotabanga and bought to you from his label, Hemton Music, watch the new video for Levels Now here –

Franco Wildlife – 6ixOut Here

When the 6ix Crew is around, you can expect ‘whole heap ah money’ spending when they walk out. According to dancehall artiste Franco Wildlife in his new single 6ix Out Here, they roll out only in the latest Benz and Bimmer and as real “top bomber, they don’t beat cheap gear.” The music video finds the deejay tossing around a countless amount of cash and surrounded by his many ladies. His crew labels the 6ix sign with their hands in support, chugging back drinks while puffing heavy clouds of smoke from their spliff.

Released on August 25, produced by Dark Moon Cinema, watch Franco Wildlife’s new music video for 6ixOut Here below –

Renee 6:30 – Free & Single

Dancehall dynamite, Renee 6:30 launches her banging girl anthem, Free & Single to end all ties with her ex by any means necessary. She is ‘single and free’ and even if he changes and God makes her newer version, she still doesn’t want to have anything to do with him! “Any bwoy mi lef, mi nuh want back. Now him a promise mi tings, mi nuh want dat. Him a call mi phone tell him nuh call back,” she sings in the hook.

Released on August 14, Produced by © NS Music Enterprise LLC, watch Renee performing in the official video for Free & Single here –

Gyptian – Missing You

Dancehall singer Gyptian croons his effective sounds in another love song. His new single Missing You finds the deejay still madly in love with ex-girlfriend. Seeing her reawakens strong feelings, so much so that he realises he misses her and cant imagine her being with another man. “What am I going to do? Wonder if mi a go hot up or keep mi cool, act like a mad man or behave like a fool, but this is the truth – I’m missing you,” he sings. In the music video, he stops his car to look over the city and reflect on their relationship, it’s then he realises that he can’t lose her!

Released on August 21, produced by Konsesquence Music and directed by Shot N’ Stunning Production, watch it here –





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