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Dancehall artiste Quada, in corporation with Money 3 Production, Lone Wolf Filmz and his record label Unruly Entertainment has a theatrical new music video out today. The single Best Friend and its accompanying 6-minute and 30-second long mini-movie clip finds the Dancehall artiste and his best friend, i.e. his girlfriend, facing tough times and resorting to a life of illegal trades, which still doesn’t afford them a meal on the table.

In full acting mode, the Better Life deejay is seen in the intro of the clip (dated 2016) telling his girl that his music career will soon take-off, but she’s not easily convinced. It has been a long time struggling, and her frustration yields a shrieking outburst, which sends Quada immediately out the door and on the hunt – “Mi go fix tings!” he snaps.

Best Friend describes a ‘from rags to riches’ journey with his partner in crime: “A nuh today we a par. Before mi tun star, run out a gas ah she a help me push di car / Baby yuh a me best friend, from nutt’n to som’n di link extend”, he sings.

The film continues to show a deal gone bad, while Quada is out, his girl has a nasty encounter with a client, who in return reveals her to the cops. Flash forward, its 2020 and Quada and his girl are on the up and up. Driving pristine cars, sipping on Hennessy and looking quite dapper …an indication that his music career is in full swing.

They’re not quite where they want to be just yet. “Yo wait till di day when mi get rich mi baby, we go buy the same colour matching Benz, baecation in a luxurious hotel, we a drink some champagne weh none a we can spell,” he sings promising her there is more to come.

The video ends with a quote: “Every man needs a woman when his life is mess … because just like in the game of Chess – A Queen Protects Her King.”

Distributed by Zojak World Wide, check out Quada’s single Best Friend and the new music video here –


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