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Who doesn’t love an incredible love story? Mongrel dogs, stones and a damsel in distress sounds like a recipe for the beginning of something great. Right?

Reggae artiste, Romain Virgo shares on the couple’s newly created YouTube channel called ‘The Virgos’, the hilarious story of how he met his beautiful wife, Elizabeth Virgo.

According to the Lovesick artiste, the story of boy meet girl took place in Montego Bay when he was visiting family, where the chance encounter between the couple occurred one night returning from a community shop with his cousin.

The Love Doctor begins telling the story saying, “While we were on our way back to the house, wi si dis person a run a come down the street, two dogs…deh behind dem, and di person a bawl out… is a woman cause wi coulda hear di voice. First ting wi coulda duh a draw fi two stone and mek some noise, and one a di dog run guh east, one guh west. She run come straight inna mi arms and lay har head pan mi chest, and history knows the rest.”

The sound of crickets went off, Elizabeth flashed Romain a skeptical look, gently hisses her teach and responded,“You wish,” as they both erupt in laughter.

They almost made a believer out of you with that one, huh? This was just a sensational goof-fest on the singers part. The real story of how these two lovebirds met doesn’t quite have the drama of two mongrel dogs and a chase.

The Virgos met more than a decade ago when the singer was in a relationship. He was dating someone living abroad who visited Jamaica for the holidays, and he decided to see her off on her return back home. He took her to the airport, where he and Elizabeth had their initial encounter.

“I was there [at the airport] talking to a Rasta bredrin, and while I was there holdin dis nice reasoning wid di breda, I saw this beautiful woman coming towards me and shi run come to mi… and gi mi a ‘story’. She was like, excuse, one of my friend, she wants to say hi and I told her that I would come over to tell you to come say hit to her. Can you please come over and say hi to her? I was like yes, I would come,” said Romain.

Romain Virgo and his wife, Elizabeth.

To put an end to his silliness, Elizabeth quickly cut in to give her version of events.

“….I walked over to you as if you were someone I know, or you know for a while ago… and I pointed to her, and I said ‘yuh see da girl deh over there suh, she really rate yuh so mi bet har a while a guh seh mi ago mek you come seh hi to her, and she nuh believe mi, so just come come say hi when yuh finish’,” she clarified.

Whether Romain remembers the exact sequence of events is far less important. What he clearly knows to be true is that he was struck by Elizabeth’s beauty.

“I was like, wow, this woman though….I couldn’t keep my eyes off a yuh… I was saying, ‘wow she’s so beautiful’,” said Romain.

While he was stuck in awe of her beauty, Elizabeth noticed keen eyes on their interaction.  Romain’s girlfriend and the friend who had accompanied them to the airport were staring at them.

“I noticed that two persons were looking in our direction, intently like they are waiting on somebody. So I said, ‘a you dem a wait pan? and you turn round a see dem, and mi seh ‘a yuh wife dat? And you said yes” Elizabeth said.

“Suh mi seh ‘yuh married? and yuh seh, no mi no married’” and wi laugh it off. “Mi seh ‘hurry up and gwaan because mi cya fight’.”

The encounter left Romain with constant thoughts of the beauty he met at the airport.

“I was driving out and…I was tempted to go back, but I remember that I had a friend that worked at the airport at the time…I called her and I said, Jacqueline, there’s this beautiful woman that works at…,” Romain recalled. Not knowing which department she worked, Romain told the friend Elizabeth wore green, and she mentioned a name which he recognized, confirming that it was indeed the girl he couldn’t get off his mind

He continued, “And I said, if you could please just get her number fi mi, just tell her I’m asking for her number, and if you can do this for me, mi nah ask yuh fi do nothing more,”

With much reluctance, knowing that she, like Romain was in a relationship, Elizabeth gave the friend her phone number to give Romain.

A while later, they became friends who would call and check in on each other occasionally.

After that, history really knows the rest.


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