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Artiste manager Romeich Major is reiterating that his relationship with dancehall princess Shenseea is strictly platonic.

“Unu a go see me round her 24/7 because mi take her from zero to where she is now,” the manger said during an interview the STAR.

“When Ding (Ding Dong) come round, him did have a buzz already and me mi did just a dweet fi fun and as a friend. When Teejay come around him did have him song weh a bubble so people did know bout him. But Shenseea was just a promo girl weh we turn in a dis and so it a go look more intimate,” he explained.

The rumors, however, seem to be never-ending and Romeich doesn’t seem phased by it at all. In fact, he considers it instead as a compliment. “Still, at the end of the day though, come on people, it’s Shenseea. She’s hot, so if somebody look pan mi and say mi involved wid Shenseea or a do supmn wid Shenseea, mi business? Weh dem wah do? Come and say mi involved wid Ding? No, no di killy nuh deh pan dat.”

Romeich claims that in reality, his ultimate aim is to protect the Blessed singer.

“If yuh notice me mostly tour wid Shenseea. She’s the youngest of all the artistes and she is the female and so yuh affi have somebody out there weh a protect her pan da level deh. Having a female artiste is very stressful. Yuh affi make sure say dem nuh mix and mingle certain way. Yuh affi protect dem.”

The former fashion designer asserted that Shenseea is in fact his greatest investment having built her career from the ground up. “If yuh listen Shenseea first song dem in a di first couple months to the song dem now, breddda, is like a big tree grow in a three year. And so we see the difference. Who wouldn’t want to protect that?” he asked.


While Romeich described Shenseea as a singer with an indomitable spirit, he also used the opportunity to create a feeling of anticipation in the singer’s upcoming album. “Memba everybody cuss Shenseea as this woman weh sound like man and she give unu her softer voice, her lighter sound, her more feminine side on Lighter. She flexible and she versatile.”

Lighter continues to set the playlists on fire with almost 7 million views on YouTube and the No. 1 spot on several regional iTunes Reggae charts! The chemistry-filled track, released on August 28, is a Rvssian-produced collaboration between Shenseea and Reggae singer Tarrus Riley.

Just this week, Shenseea released her newest track, Rebel, on the Liquid Sunshine riddim, and it appears to be a hit, especially among her female fans since it evokes a feeling of empowerment. “Mi nuh think a next Shenseea a go come around soon. Unu nuh see quarter a weh she can do yet, mi can say dat and when her album drop unu a go understand dat,” Romeich stated confidently.


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