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It looks like Shenseea has a new album on the way.

The dancehall diva spilled the beans while speaking on Timera Blair’s YouTube channel, yesterday August 30th. She explained that the new album was the reason she was in the United States at the moment as she’s putting in the work.

She disclosed the information while enjoying some huge spicy snow crabs with the host. “It’s gonna be lit, I’m telling you. It’s going to have different, different vibes. It’s going to have an interracial mix,” she said.

The Blessed singer added that the album will feature some singing, a bit of rap, and of course Dancehall.

“It’s just a mix of Shenseea and what I have to offer,” she said while revealing that there will be a lot of features lined up for the album.


Shenseea also said that her dream collaboration would be with Rihanna. “Ever since she came on the scene, I’ve been watching her from the very first single, you get me. Watching her on BET, MTV straight up to where she is right now. So definitely Rihanna is one of my biggest inspirations where music is concerned. I absolutely just love her,” she continued.

The way that Rihanna carries about herself and her vibe are things that Shenseea said she admires quite a lot. She also hinted that she might follow in Rihanna’s footsteps and go into fashion with things like shoes and swimsuits. She already has a website dedicated to her take on eyelashes.

Visuals For Lighter Incoming

Shenseea also took the time to talk about her latest video shoot for her collab with Taurus Riley called Lighter, which she said wasn’t the original song that they were going to create the video for but that a vibe took over and everything went smoothly.  Lighter appears on Riley’s new album, Healing.

The video isn’t out yet but she said she was excited to see the finished product which was filmed in Jamaica. The song took about a week to create, she added.

“When I saw it I was like yes. Me can’t wait fe see tha one.”

Love Life

When it comes to any secret lovers, she said she has none and explained that because of her career it’s really difficult to meet genuine people. She also admitted that she wouldn’t date an artiste because it’s just not her thing. She said what compounds the problem of finding love is the fact that she is old-fashioned and doesn’t trust men nowadays. She would like to have a next child though.

She also offered some advice to upcoming dancehall artistes as she said they should have broad backs because the “industry rough.” She warned that an artiste may have to give up a lot of the things they love to make it to the top. These include things like your privacy she added but eventually, you learn ways around it. Shenseea also revealed that she was bullied in school and that music was her escape and she believes that being in the industry is her destiny.

“Growing up I used to get bullied a lot,” she said. The Sure Sure singer added that the only way to survive in dancehall is to truly love what you do.


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