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Whoever said that Dancehall songstress Shenseea needed auto-tune to enhance her voice may have just been proven wrong. The Blessed singer took to Instagram yesterday to demonstrate that she can really hit those notes all by herself.

Immediately after the release of  Lighter, a collaboration with reggae artiste Tarrus Riley, followers weren’t quite familiar with this new sound that the Shenyeng Anthem singer brought to this new song and questioned whether the singer used autotunes or not.

To clear the air, Shenseea took to Instagram, where she shared a clip of herself lip-syncing to the hit track. When the music cuts, she said, “alright, let’s settle this, shall we?” She then sang the notes of the song’s chorus: “Baby when the bright lights start to fade, fire  up your lighter…”

“No autotune roun here jus pure talent,” said one fan. “Autotune where? omg” another said.

“Boy I really thought it was autosound…girl you bad!!!” one follower admitted.

After hitting the notes flawlessly in the minute-long clip, Shenseea, who was in quite a jovial mood, proceeded to challenge her fans to share their renditions of the song with the #LighterChallenge hashtag. “Calling all a mi singers dem, hit this note, post it on Instagram and tag me so I can repost you guys.”

Of course, several of her fans took up the challenge with the hashtag #LighterChallenge on Instagram, including kids, males, and even reggae singer Protoje who said, “This song is a HIT. Yo @shenseea dah note deh highhhhhh yo @tarrusrileyja congrats on album and @romeichentertainment wah the prize be fi win dah challenge ya?”

Shenseea poked fun at the In Search Of Lost Time singer’s entry to the challenge with the caption “@protoje somebody said the gas done ina u lighter spark ya me fren! #LighterChallenge.”

Protoje responded, “Me haaaaaaaate unuh lol .” Social media influencer Quiteperry too chimed in with lots of laughing/crying emoji, and Ding Dong Ravers commented with lots of fire emoji.

One fan stated, “matches stick this mi fren.” to which Protoje responded, “lmao god know.”

Shenseea has also shared several of her fans’ renditions:


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