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Reggae star Skip Marley officially launched new visuals for his single Make Me Feel today. The track features American rapper Rick Ross and R&B singer Ari Lennox, and is the second track off his latest album Higher Place, which released just two weeks ago on August 28.

The fusion of Skip’s raspy chords, Ross’s signature husky tenors, and Ari’s silky purrs, pelts out a pretty dulcet sounding ballad. It’s a classic love song taking on a current perspective.

“Even though its rough out there, no one knows, no one cares, you give me hope when none is found, life is short, time is running out,” Skip verses, doting on his significant other. The lyrics go on, “Let’s make this a good life, even through the bad times. Nothing can kill this vibe as long as I feel the way you make me feel.”

Ross on the other hand promises a ‘good life’ rather than love. “Yes, I told her that her future bright, yes depending on how you move tonight, yes come kick it with the big shot, yes you really live it or you kick rocks. Swimming pool is heated yes, courtside seated yes …” he sings, detailing what life with him would entail.

The music video is a simple production, taking place under what looks like a relaxed yet fun setting. Skip is with his crew, and the day starts off with a game of soccer. The girls play while the boys watch.

After working up a sweat, they all head into a lush rainforest to swim and lime at a cascading waterfall. The visual soon switches to nighttime and the gang is huddled around a bonfire in the wild outback, toasting s’mores and having laughs.

Produced by Island Records/UMG Recordings, Inc. and Tuff Gong International, watch Skip Marley’s new music video for Make Me Feel below –


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