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In our Best of new Dancehall and Reggae music this week, we found artistes like Vybz Kartel, Jahvillani, I Waata, and Quada coming back consistently in another round with new singles. There are some hot collabs with Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, Stylo G, and those not to be missed include TeeJay & Ishawna and Shaneil Muir & Denyque. Surprisingly, we have appearances from some old-timers you would have never expected to see like Super Cat, Capleton, and Anthony B with new music videos.

There is so much more to enjoy; check out our top picks this week for your Dancehall playlists, with exclusive highlights, reviews, and accompanying music videos for each below.

In no particular order:

Govana Featuring Xtassi – That Mi Like Hear

Up-and-comer Dancehall deejay, Xtassi teams up with the vibrant Govana for this brash, conversation-style single, That Mi Like Hear. The track is delivered in a banter between the two as they list their expensive demands and expectations to anyone who dares to court them.

Turns out they were made for each other, Govana is all about spoiling his girl, and Xtassi says, “Ah dat mi like hear, shoes and di clothes dem mi like dare, hairstyle fi change like bike gear … my man haffi spend him money pon me and me spend my money pon him.”

Released on September 5 and produced by Emudio Records, listen to the official audio for That Mi Like Hear below –

Quada – Nuh Carry News

Quada seems to be working overtime these last few weeks. He has another new single this week, Nuh Carry News featured on the Target Riddim, which follows his other tracks Dream with Mad Daag6 and Best Friend that all dropped this month.

Nuh Carry News is just one of the attributes the Dancehall deejay says a “bad man” should have. He also goes on to flex his gyallis qualities, the “freeze” on his wrist and the “big money inna mi account,” plus more.

Released on September 8, produced by Lexzona Muzyk and E.M.B Music Production in part with Unruly Entertainment, watch Quada’s new music video here –

Jahvillani – Domino

Giving his Clarks a break, Dancehall artiste Jahvillani laces up his Giuseppe Zanotti for his new music video Domino. Riddling his way through some inventive metaphors, Jahvi says, “This a wah mi know, mi tougher dan a pack a domino,” and as he charms his love interest, he tells her, “Yuh p** bettah dan a pot a gold … eh babe you pretty dan a rainbow.”

The deejay dishes out his rhymes in a graphically enhanced music video, sitting on giant dominoes and being transported through a vacuum into space in a few scenes and standing in bubble simulated snow in another.

Released on September 8, produced by Wileside Govament, Tipgod, Pantason and shot by Magic Studio, watch Domino below –

Intence – What’s Love

Dancehall artiste Intence says love isn’t real again. In his latest single What’s Love and the accompanying music video, which debuted this week, the deejay takes us through an adulterous love situation. “Love doah real again, mi don’t want nobody, mi only need a friend … you have yuh man mi have mi gal so we nuh argue,” he sings to detail the nature of their affair.

Released on September 10 and produced by Ragz To Richez Production, watch Intence’s new video What’s Love here –

Busy Signal Featuring Ajji and Stylo G – Live For The Summer

Live For The Summer may just be a few months too late for the 2020 season but the electrifying trio, Busy Signal, Stylo G and Ajji has made a pretty banging summer jam of timeless traits. The beat is hot and lyrics are transitional for many seasons to come.

For these Dancehalls deejays, Live For The Summer means rolling out in the hottest cars, being surrounded my countless girls, spending stacks of cash and dripping in jewels.

Produced by New League Music and shot by Damaniac Visualz, watch the new visuals here –

Anthony B – Chill Out

Reggae singer Anthony B shines in a light we’ve never seen before. His new music video for his single Chill Out finds the old-timer holding hands with his lady and frolicking in the sand, showing us a playful and compassionate side.

“Im feeling good, I’m feeling irie, Im in the mood … I got no time to be feeling rue … I just want to dance and listen some rub ah dum, chill out and make love to the music I love, Reggae music,” are the lyrics on repeat.

Released on September 9, produced by Collie Buddz and Ineffable Records on the Cali Roots Riddim and directed by Ohxigenes, watch Anthony B’s single Chill Out here –

Vershon featuring Chip – Reality

Vershon has released his new single and music video for Reality, featuring Dancehall artiste Chip in a way to toast all the hot girls out there that doesn’t need to use Instagram filters on their photos. “Gyal yuh nuh need Instagram filter, yuh look good in a reality, same way yuh look pon picture ah suh yuh look in a reality,” he sings on the hook.

The picturesque video was shot at the illustrious islet of Lime Cay to show off Vershon’s pick of beautiful ladies flaunting skimpy bikinis and executing some body shaking dance moves.

Released on September 8, produced by The FaNaTiX and directed by Warrior Films JA, check out the visuals for Reality here –

Smashing – Last Try

This one is a pretty profound single from Dancehall singer Smashing. Last Try is a relatable tale of struggle and resilience and although Smashing says this is his “last try”, not once has he given up. The music video shows a series of arduous hustling, from being a construction laborer to a hopeful farmer praying over his crops.

Released on September 9, produced by How Wow Records and directed by JA Legends, watch Smashing’s new music video for Last Try below-

Levels – Champion

Dancehall artiste Levels dropped a single this week entitled Champion to unleash 2 minutes and 30 seconds of flattery on his woman.

“Mygirl yuh body a champion, yuh nuh haffi compete yuh nuh common, yuh out a dis world but yuh ah nu Martian. Yuh ah di protagonist fi every scene and every action,” is just a snippet of his blandishing verses.

Released on September 4, produced by YGF Records and Dynasty Entertainment and distributed by Zojak World Wide, listen to the full version of Champion here –

Desirée Featuring Bounty Killer – One Time

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer teams up with American pop singer Desiree Mitchell for this sweltering musical fusion. Desiree serenades sweet tones as she lets us into her rude deliberations. “I really like your vibe, you staring at my body, I want to take you home, we should just leave this party. One time, one time only, I’m gonna give you this one time, you can believe I’ll be all yours tonight, sipping on rum got me feeling right,” she sings.

Bounty Killer comes in the second half of the track tossing around his lewd intentions with his commanding vocals. “Make mi tell yuh dis girl, a nuh likkle boy ah big man a tough yuh … you done know a di general alone can put it pon yuh make you feel right. Have yuh a tik and a tok and rotate just like di clock di whole night.”

Released on September 10, producer by Shawntrel Knight, directed by Moliere Neptune and shot by Visualize Films, watch the One Time music video here –

I Waata – Virus

I Waata is back in another new single this week. The title of this one is Virus and he says it’s not the type like COVID that needs a vaccine. Just hand him the ’14 and he will show you exactly what kind of disease he will unleash.

Shot in the streets of a congested Kingston metropolis, the deejay sips his liquor of choice as community members spectate and lurk around for the show.

Released on September 10, produced by D Mafia Muzik and directed by KD Visualz, watch Iwaata’s new single Virus below –

Alkaline – Monopoly

Vendetta Boss, Alkaline, has issued a new visualizer for his previously released single Monopoly. The extract is a video album of various clips showcasing behind-the-scenes footage from his tours and stage shows, along with some club flexes, several music videos snippets plus more.

Released on September 4, produced by True Loyal and distributed by Johnny Wonder, watch the new visuals for Monopoly below –

Gyptian featuring Collie Buddz & Ricky Blaze- Deh Yah

The pulsating Afrobeat infused base on Gyptian’s new single Deh Yah is rhythmically taunting and infectious. Reminiscent of his 2010 hit single, Hold You, this one combines vocals from Bermudian reggae/dancehall deejay Collie Buddz.

The two bares their availability to a love interest, “If you looking for a man to love you, mi deh yah/ If you want a man to show you real love, mi deh yah”, Gyptian verses in the track.

Released today, September 11, produced by Ricky Blaze and Ineffable Records, listen to the official audio for Gyptian and Collie Buddz’ collab, Deh Yah below –

Salaam Remi & Super Cat – Push Time

Dancehall’s Apache Chief, Super Cat has released a brand new single and music video for the first time in 20 years. The single is entitled Push Time and will be featured on his upcoming LP Black on Purpose.

Taking on socio-economical issues particularly in the city of New York, Cat talks about the ones pushing and buying into crime. The video takes place on a sidewalk setting in the municipal district of the Empire State as news briefings flicker across the screen.

Produced by Louder Than Life Records and directed By Salaam Remi & NEWD4Y JOVI, watch Super Cat’s new single Push Time here –

Shaneil Muir & Denyque – Same Guy

Remember Usher and R Kelly’s infamous single Same Girl? Well Dancehall singers Shaneil Muir and Denyque have done a remake with a bit of a twist as seen in the music video.

The two friends come across each other’s path at a beauty salon; upon catching up they discover that they are dating the Same Guy. No time for hard feelings, their friendship is stronger than that, instead they devise a scheming plot to get even.

Released today on September 11, produced by Zum and Good Good Production, and directed by Bling Blang, watch the intriguing new visuals for Same Guy here –

Vybz Kartel – Party Nice

Arguably Dancehall’s most prolific deejay of today, Vybz Kartel drops another brand new single today entitled Party Nice. In his books, a ‘nice’ party entails the customary overload of drinks and girls with the added perks of flaunting lots of cash, and the inclusion of this descriptive sexcapade.

The incarcerated Worl’ Boss is void from his music video but the party must go on. A small crew take their street flex to a backyard spot; there is dancing, domino and card playing while they enjoy the vibe. 

Released on September 11, produced by Zum and Good Good Production, directed by HD Genesis Films and distributed by Zojak World Wide, watch Party Nice below –

Chronic Law – Self Protection

Chronic Law finesses a slow gun tune, Self Protection on the soulful instrumental Solid Heart Riddim. “Mi have some rifle in a army style/ one up in a di head cause a long time friend a kill friend/ Mi haffi have a Matic when mi a go street and 24’7s mi killa dem nu sleep/ My heart done tan in a concrete,” are just tasters of his vile verses.

Released today September 11, produced by Droptop Records and T.M.I. Records, watch Chronic Law’s new music video for Self Protection here –

Capleton – Have Some Hope

Capleton fans will be happy to see the Fire Man back on the screen again. A new music video with the Dancehall artiste performing his single Have Some Hope launched today to find a graybeard Capleton delivering an uplifting ballad.

The song is a cry out for a better system; Capleton calls out many issues in the inner city including illegal gun distribution but he also encourages the youths to “have some hope, have some dream, have some vision and gwaan live clean, have some joy, have some fun and hail Prince Selassie … Babylon gone down!”

Released today, September 11, produced by True Sound and premiered through Reggaeville, watch Capleton in his new single Have Some Hope here –

TWani – Na Lef

Dancehall artiste, Twani has done another visual production for his single, Na Lef. Following the official video, which premiered on August 14th, this one is a dance video highlighting two dancers as they rock it out to the track.

Released today September 11, and shot by Hr Media, watch the Na Lef dance video here –

T’Jean – Let Dem Talk

Reggae singer T’Jean dishes a cool lambasting to the cruel critics out there in his single Let Dem Talk, which released today. With a rapid lyrical flow he repeats the hook to produce this ear-worming and entrancing track.

In describing the antagonists, some of the verses go, “Every chance dem get dem sell yuh out dem nah go change. Nuff chance dem get and wont low dem dutty ways.”

Released on September 11, produced and mixed & mastered by Sonovic Music in part with Izreal Records and Dark Moon Cinema, watch T’Jean’s new single Let Dem Talk below –

Stefflon Don – Move

You better get out of her way! In her new single, Stefflon Don says “Get up and Move and dash weh dat” if you cant meet her standards. “Money, house, paper! Look dung pon mi shoe ah alligator. A weh mi live, skyscraper. If yuh nuh like me, you must be a hater. Anyting dem want me do, dem haffi pay fah. Fi prove my money, you a go need calculator,” are her boasty rhymes in the track.

The music video finds the vixen stunting in her over-the-top wardrobe and dripping in diamonds backed by a pretty big attitude.

Released on September 9, produced by Troytron and Cora Rodriguez and directed by Remi Laudat, watch Stefflon Don in her new music video for Move here –

Teejay & Ishawna – MOOD

Up Top Boss, Teejay and Dancehall sex kitten Ishawna are a whole mood in their new single MOOD, which dropped today. Prepare for a very provocative exchange with these two as they commend each other on their love making skills.

Shot at a country style guesthouse in what appears to be an out of town locale, Ishawna entices in several risqué outfits, rolling around in the bed in one scene and hanging by the pool in another. Teejay stays close, sipping on champagne while dropping his bawdy lyrics.

Released on September 11, produced by Khalfani Records and Top Graff Music, and directed by Lagikz Visualz, watch the music video for MOOD below –


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