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Reggae singer Tanya Stephens who recently criticized politicians for using Dancehall dubplates in their campaigning, also had her piece to say regarding Lisa Hanna’s narrow victory at the September 3 General Election.

The 1993 Miss World winner, who represented South East St Ann, received  5,124 votes to defeat the Jamaica Labour Party’s Delroy Grantson, who received 5110 votes. Hanna held onto her seat in Parliament by a mere 14 votes, while the Andrew Holness-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was re-elected after winning 50 of the 63 seats.

Stephens, in an Instagram post on Friday, noted that Hanna’s constituency was formerly referred to as a “safe seat.”

“Stop mek Instagram zombies fool oonu! This is a formerly ‘safe’ seat inherited by someone ALL of Jamaica loves (loved?). All she needed to do was be humble and work,” Stephens said.

She continued, “A 14 vote margin means recount and likely unseat. IMO the most potential of ANY candidate on either side. Potential and faith are alike though. Without works? I say invalid, the bible says dead. JLP candidates if you don’t learn from anything else…hold this lesson dear.”

Many of the It’s A Pity singer’s fans were in total support of her assertions. “We are not our ancestors. Times changed.” One person posted. “Real thing, move dem out if dem nah work! Think a doll house kmt” another follower wrote.

Other followers were, however, not in support of Stephen’s utterances. “Lisa put the work in and she is indeed a good MP,” stated one person.

“This is more like hate than facts……I have family that lives in her constituency and it has always been positive feedback large and wide….this is a case of ppl being relax..and on the other hand the other side was hungry fa the seet”, another person  wrote.   Another added, “My family is from her constituency. The people seem to like her. She has done a lot of community projects and increased engagement of the youth. She goes into the the communities, interacts with the elderly and listens to the needs of the constituents. Not advocating for her because the votes speak for themselves. Just shocked at the results.”

Hanna led the way with the use of dubplates in the political campaigns with endorsements from top Jamaican female artistes like Shenseea and Spice.

In good grace, Spice has publicly congratulated Hanna on her win. “Congratulations @lisahannamp Big up and continue doing as much as you can for Jamaica.” she wrote as a caption to a photo of the incumbent MP who was dressed in a white outfit.

Lisa, on the other hand, has expressed gratitude to her voters.


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