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Reggae singer Tarrus Riley and Dancehall artiste Shenseea have teamed up to release chemistry-filled visuals for their new collaboration, Lighter.  The song, produced by Rvssian, appears on Riley’s 12 track album Healing, which was released on August 28.

After days of teasing the music video, it was finally released tonight (September 6). The music video, produced by Xtreme Arts, was pretty short but had fans asking for more and praising Shenseea’s vocals.

Lighter’s visuals start out with both artistes dressed in white, red, and black as they are cruising in a convertible down a scenic road in Jamaica. As the song starts, they began singing and displaying the chemistry on-screen that the lyrics of the song demand.

Shenseea wore a red bandana in her hair while Tarrus wore a red hat with a black bandana identical to Shenseea’s underneath his hat.


In their solo shots, Tarrus was especially stylish. In one of his looks, Riley was clad in all white, a classic Jamaican look, showing off his biceps. Shenyeng, on the other hand, wore a stylish blue crocheted one-piece and blue hair with shoes strapped all the way up to her knee as she sat on a chair filled with flowers and adorned with light sticks.

Tarrus Riley

The video has only been out for a few hours and has already racked up almost 100,000 views.

“Love the song actually its my ringtone now , but the video way too short , needed more pepper, and a tips a salt , but still a banger,” said one fan.

One commenter noticed the chemistry between Shenseea and Tarrus and said, “loved this, and i cant help but think they would make such a cute couple lol.”

There were also praises for Shenseea’s vocals. “Shenseea’s voice is wow, never knew she could do vocals like that. To have talent and be pretty that just wow”

“This is the best I’ve heard Shenseea sing ….well done …….mi rate the song,” added another.


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