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Timoy Jones also known as Teejay proudly displayed snippets of his success story in the video for From Rags To Riches.

The Romeich Ent. recording artist who just debuted a slimmer physique and sultry Ishawna collaboration gets back to his ‘Grimy’ side as he speaks on his journey. The Xtreme Arts directed clip juxtaposes his original Glendevon community with the assets and fixings of fame — lavish mansions, luxury cars, lovely ladies. The Uptop Boss gets reflective as he walks us through his upbringing and struggles that ultimately led to his stardom.

From the opening scene contrasting a zinc fence with the classic double doors of a hilltop mansion, Teejay sets the stage for an unfiltered look at what it took to get from rags to riches. Donning a slick pink suit and even dropping a few dance moves, the deejay is seen between his modest beginnings and mansion settings enjoying all that he’s earned. The scenes align well with the lyrics on the Damage Musiq produced track, and some lines have already become fan faves.

“Seh mi cyah dweet, yute mi ah prove it/ Mi neva fight a war inna life an lose it/ Man a G inna di game, badmind excuse mi/ Gyal weh pretty gyal weh bad an boujee/ Ice dem jus a drip offa mi neck/ Ah mussi dat mek a n***a vex/ Million a week, ah dat di singer mek/ Money weh mi walk wid cyah hol inna wallet”, Teejay spits on the track.

The single has been in rotation since January, however, the wait for illustrations of his triumph was well worth it. Owning his gritty truth, Teejay posted a photo of his humble childhood home with the single’s release which included the caption, “What you know about. You see the glory but deeply you don’t know the story.” With snippets of the story now on full display, to say the response has been favourable would be putting it mildly as the clip has racked up 80K views since midday.

Teejay’s supporters are celebrating the relatable track and the comments are filled with their appreciation. “When Teejay said” Mi never fight ah war inna life and lose it.” I felt that. Lets all turn this blue. Maaaaaaad”, one fan said, while another quipped in all caps, “BIG UP the youths dem weh a come from NOTHING! MAN CAN TELL YUH BOUT HARD LIFE! ANTHEM”. Also in celebration mode is the track’s producer Dwayne “Damage” Parkinson, as Damage Musiq launched on September 24 celebrates another anniversary on the dancehall scene.

Aside from the premiere of another successful set of visuals, the Uptop Boss will soon have more reasons to braff as well. His overseas birthday celebration series which features appearances in Atlanta and Connecticut before the big day on October 4 will be a welcome reprieve from lockdown restrictions.


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