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A popular dancehall reggae artiste in the 1980s, Yellowman was too hot for airplay because of his “slack” lyrics. The bodacious and witty entertainer, nonetheless, had top hit singles, such as Mad Over Me, I’m Getting Married in the Morning, Still be a Lady, Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, Lost Mi Love, and Zunguzungguguzungguzeng that brought him worldwide recognition.

The 80’s ‘rudest dancehall toaster’ took a fifteen-year hiatus before returning in July 2019 with his No More War 14-track album, a move that could land him in the spotlight again. Yellowman has his work cut out for him as he kicks promotion of the album into high gear amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The new project will focus on new visuals for the album, and he’s excited to pursue such an endeavor.

Yellowman told fans in a press release, that they can look forward to some new visuals in support of the project, and that he’s excited to bring a new project alive in a new era of how music is received. As Yellowman embarks on creating these visuals, he is embracing promotional tools, like the use of social media, to get his music out there.

“The difference between now and then is that I feel it has grown into a different dimension. It’s more accessible to the fans due to social media, and so visualising the music is very important,” he explained to The Star.

Yellowman, who has decades of experience in the business, is also thrilled to be working with his daughter K’reema and Son Kemo on the No More War project, making it a very special experience for the reggae-dancehall stalwart. His children lend their talents in producing, singing, and writing on the musical project. Daughter K’reema was an instrumental part in the creation of his first single, No More War, which she co-wrote with her father, after his extended absence from the music scene.

With No More War getting rave reviews when it dropped, capitalizing on the buzz around the album is good for building further excitement and for the album to do well. Yellowman’s absence for more than a decade is no indication of any kind of love lost for the music, which he alludes is both therapeutic and inspiring for him.

“Purely the love for music and the demand from fans makes me continue. It elevates me from all the bad things I have been through growing up. It’s the biggest inspiration in my life. Music is simply my healing,” Yellowman told The Star.

Videos for the album are already happening, with shoots being done in different locations across the island. Fans can expect to see this coming October the release of not only the official video for the title track, but also for singles, including Sex Education, Kiss Me Each Morning, Better Days, and No Woman Tonight.

Yellowman is a two-time Grammy Award nominee, and in 2018, he was awarded the Order of Distinction (Officer Class) for his contribution to Jamaican Culture and Entertainment.  Stream No More War below.


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