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Are you interested in exploring cities which are full of history, legend and art? Well, immerse in the medieval atmosphere and enjoy the majestic scenery while watching this video from and
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Take a virtual tour to Poland with our team! Of course, every town is special and unique! But if you want to relax with your soul, feel the spirit of history and learn something new visit this awesome gem of Poland, Lublin. Its ancient buildings and streets will tell you’re the history of the city. Take in the fascinating scenery of this authentic city! It’s full of greenery and birds such as pigeons and even peacocks. Birdsong is everywhere!
Discover the modern and ancient parts of Lublin which perfectly supplemented each other! It’s incredibly beautiful and worth to visit them both. You will see fascinating Cracow Gate, medieval foundations in Po Farze Square, panoramic views of Lublin Castle and the museum located inside it; luminous fountains in Litewski Square at night, peaceful views of the river, small neat houses and more. Lublin Old Town is truly majestic! It seems like you are at the picture gallery. You will encounter pictures of people in the windows of medieval houses. Take in the beauty, listen to soothing music and enjoy watching our 4K UHD video!
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Download this 4K cityscapes relax video for your private collection at

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