Painting NOTRE DAME DE PARIS ❤️ Urban Sketching. A tribute to Notre Dame

This is a Watercolor Urban Sketching Demo of me painting Notre Dame de Paris on location, a few months before the fire (5 November 2018). #notredame #notredamedeparis
I am also browsing my sketchbooks and sharing with you the sketches I did if Notre Dame Cathedral over the years (all on location). And also talking about how art can be important to process such events and life in general, along with recording them. 😊 Notre Dame de Paris, you held on, 💪 I will sketch you again!! 😃😍😌

❖ Pro Arte Synthetic Swordliner Medium
❖ Winsor & Newton Red Sable Pointed Round #7
Or :
❖ One inch squirrel flat brush. I think the brand was Manet ?! (French)


❖ “Belle”, from the musical show, (comédie musicale) “Notre Dame de Paris” by Richard Cocciante (Riccardo Cocciante) and Luc Plamondon. English lyrics by Will Jennings.
Interprets : Garou as Quasimodo, Daniel Lavoie as Frollo and, as Phoebus, Patrick Fiori in French and Steve Balsamo in English.
❖ Background music from the FCPX Apple Library.


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See you there! 👋

Hey, I realized that there was that time I painted Notre Dame de Paris cathedral on location and shot it for you that I didn’t get the chance to share yet.
I think this is the perfect time to share. I hope nobody will think and say that I am exploiting a drama – or that there are more serious dramas in the world and that we don’t need all this fuss. This video is just an homage to the work of the firefighters who managed to save the monument and my tribute to one of the most manifiscent and symbolic monument in the world, among hundreds of treasures in our world heritage, that we should cherish and protect but also never forget or tire to admire, enhance and create from.
I will share with you and review several sketches I did of it over the year.

So on April, Notre Dame de Paris got on fire. In the flames for hours, the cathedral lost its whole roof and its somptuous spike… And kept burning. For several hours, France along with the whole world wondered if the whole cathedral would collapse and if Paris would loose one of the most iconic element of its skyline, it’s silhouette, Notre Dame 2 squared towers. Around 11 pm, they at last announced that Notre Dame main structure may be saved. What a relief! I couldn’t imagine Paris without it…

Reviewing my art that night, sharing it and making these doodles in my journal from photos the day after was a way to acknowledge and process the event. I think we shouldn’t underestimate the power of art and crafts as a way to experience the world and process life.

Likewise, on that gorgeously sunny day of November, last year, I used my creative techniques to try to grasp a vision, an architectural identity, an atmosphere. First, I used my Fude nib fountain pen and did this ink sketch of Notre Dame, then I decided for an experiment : a kinda abstract sketchy watercolor of the iconic cathedral. Not even on watercolor paper. The idea was trying to enhance its graphical presence, a straight linear structure bearing gothic laces.
My technique use followed this architectural analysis and breaking down so I started with a flat brush and negative painting to make the angular silhouettes of the towers appear on the blue sky. Then I went from the flat brush to my sword liner to evoke the inside divisions & embellishments, and then my pointed round to include a few figures for an accurate sense of place.
I also used strong colors to make my sketchy painting more interpretative.

😁 Happy Watching!! 🎉



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