Aurthor Ant Builds A Bridge Omitting The Thematic Gap Between Genres In His Finest Creation ‘Lets Start Over’


The hottest new track ‘Lets Start Over’ by the aspiring Houston music producer Aurthor Ant is the epitome of modern hip hop beats meeting vintage rhyming cadence.

Aurthor Ant

Growing bored with the tedious and superficial contemporary hip hop I have widened my spectrum venturing through newer and fresher hip hop numbers exuding remarkable talent. Promising musician Aurthor Ant has earned my affection with his breathtakingly unique and versatile soundscape. I felt hypnotized by the groovy rhythmic cadence featured in his latest creation ‘Lets Start Over’ executed through perfect synchronization of chords combined with the fiery rap flow. What impressed me most is the contrast between the exuberant and pummeling verse delivery and the blissfully mesmerizing hook forming a symphony of pure acoustic pleasure.

The talented music producer and songwriter Aurthor Ant introduced the world with his remarkable songwriting ability through his literary masterpiece ‘Lets Start Over’. The potent lyrical illustration charmed with distinctive metaphors pierced through my heart generating powerful emotive reactions. Working with his own production house Aurthor Ant Music Producer, the thriving Houston music producer has utilized his hard-earned musical insights to produce masterpieces like ‘Call Me’, ‘Let-Me-Take-Care-Of-You’, ‘Got Something For You’, and ‘NO JUSTICE NO PEACE –LRM2- KA’ impressing fans all over the world, including me. Greatly influenced by Blues and R&B musicality, he experiments with diverse sonic elements from different genres to form his individual sound. Follow his musical journey on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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