Dj OFFsyde soars in the EDM scene with his high energy driven bouncy dance number ‘Maximum Bounce’


Groove all night long to Dj OFFsyde’s fresh new EDM dance number ‘Maximum Bounce’ that has quickly reached the top of several music charts with its thrilling soundscape.

Dj OFFsyde

For many years EDM has generated some timeless gems that have the gorgeous ability to connect with everyone through their thrilling music and construct an image that never washes away. Speaking of one such music master is Dj OFFsyde, a fantastic music curator who with his thumping and pulsating EDM music has proven his skills time and again that has successfully stuck with the masses. His production skill and the amazing combination of various exciting and groovy dance beats give a dynamic rush to anyone listening to his sound. The artist has a new way of mixing music and his latest record ‘Maximum Bounce’ fits as a perfect testament to his incredible artistry. The song is pulsating and filled with exciting progressive electronic tunes that instigate the crowd to hit the dance floor immediately. His music has diverse and flows with a plethora of emotions that get accentuated at every rhythmic turn.

Apart from his latest single, Dj OFFsyde has created quite a buzz in the music world with his other EP COSMOSCAPE that encompasses songs like VR clouds Deep Space, title track Cosmoscape, Electro Frequencies and many others. Each song uplifts the mood in different ways with its energy-driven rhythms. His songs are best categorized under progressive dance electronic music that takes the listener on a hypnotizing musical ride. High groove and fluctuating soundscape are the key components that fill up his songs and the changing pace keeps the scenario even more engaging. ‘Maximum Bounce’ holds true to its title and is indeed the perfect track to dance the night off. Full of dramatic bounces the song makes the listener’s heart pound relentlessly and is the best power-packed club anthem of this season. For the best feels, listen to the song on Spotify and Soundcloud in full volume and experience EDM like never before. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more details.


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