Hip hop artist Greg offers a taste of his upcoming single through his wondrous creation ‘Looked Up (Snippet)’


The captivating melodic beats incorporated with the catchy hook of ‘Looked Up (Snippet)’prepares us for eminent rapper Greg’s upcoming single of the same name.

looked up

Hip hop has always been my go-to genre offering me something different every time for my every mood. Venturing through the newest additions to the genre I came across the works of brilliant hip hop artist Greg imparting his vivid creativity through his incredibly versatile soundscape. With the release of the snippet named ‘Looked Up (Snippet)’, I acquired a sneak peek of his upcoming single ‘Looked Up’ which he plans to release later this year. The brief introduction to the full-length number kicks off with a surreal blend of diverse techno sounds that swiftly escalates to match up to the addictive hook that creates an ethereal symphony of pure acoustic satisfaction.

Aspiring to conquer the greatest heights in the global hip hop scene, the talented musician Greg experiments with diverse instrumentation and tonalities to perfect his versatile soundscape. His cleverly crafted snippet ‘Looked Up (Snippet)’ is opulent with hard-hitting groovy beats generated through the steady progression of the rhythmic cadence that glides smoothly with the pummeling rhyming scheme putting me in a thematic trance. Armed with his naturally robust vocal dexterity, the track exudes a tantalizing aroma that lingered in my heart for long. Follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram and find out about his upcoming album releasing soon.

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