J-Izzy turns the Beat Mode on to Record the New Singles

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Hip hop music is always changing to lead the upcoming musicians into a world of unscratched music. The hip hop artist and music producer, J-Izzy is standing at the center of the abyss to find a distinct sound that can describe his natural flow of emotional immediacy. I am a trend follower and I could not miss the new tracks that he recently released on Spotify. His music is all about the reflection of art and reality. ‘Fully Vested’ is a song to raise voice against the corrupted system and support the movement that has caught all the attention in the world right now.


I have found that J-Izzy’s musicality has a certain bend to grime hip hop style. ‘Lost in the Night’ is another heavy-hearted rap song where he captivates all the corners of our mind with the honest-to-goodness lyricism and uninterrupted flow of rap. He produces the terrific track ‘Run It’ under the J-Izzy Music RR LLCall. He speaks about all the small and secret thoughts that played with his brain and forced him in a dark reality. ‘The Dash’, on the other hand, is made in swift boom-bap beats interlaced in pop riffs. I have found this song to be a classic mélange of improvised pop sound with hip hop that can set an example of modern musicality of 2020. Follow the 24 years old dreamer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more great songs.

Listen and enjoy to these songs check out the given below links :

Fully Vested : https://open.spotify.com/track/2bCPm3pDeDCTRkaxi56XXN

Lost in the Night : https://open.spotify.com/track/1ZBte7DWVbkcs1K5bwuqef

Run It : https://open.spotify.com/track/4Zr6j5BUz2rwI8c7iUQZuP

The Dash : https://open.spotify.com/track/2ugV4KR43xty94e6Fmz5ee


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