KCG pumps up the energy in the hip-hop industry with his storming style and voice in ‘Pimp Coupe’


Upcoming enthusiastic artist Rickey L. Williams, popularly known as KCG uses his distinctive style and taste to build his new single ‘Pimp Coupe’ that has earned this fantastic rapper tremendous name and recognition in the industry. Engaging his audience with catchy writing and an influential voice, this bundle of talent has effectively caught everyone’s attention. Amidst the chaotic hip-hop industry, his voice sounds like a refreshing breath of air that gets the audience instantly grooving.

The track ‘Pimp Coupe’ revolves around some brilliant hip-hop rhythms that credit the rapper’s talent most impressively. His tone and unmatched fluency in word delivery is something that has highly impressed his fans and proves his strong determination to conquer the industry with his original music. Since the day he was born, the artist was tempted to create his mark in the industry and strived hard to touch the audience’s heart. From traveling to different places to being homeless without food, he faced everything with an ambition to gain skills as an artist. After struggling for years, KCG finally got his call when the CEO of Ghetto Heaven Records, Anthony Tony Rance gave him the first break that proved to be a game-changer for him. After sweeping the audience with his outstanding verses and enthusiastic projects the rapper is now trending on all trending platforms like Spotify. We recently got the chance of sharing a candid conversation with this raging artist and he was quite keen on sharing his experiences with us. Read below to find out some interesting details about his life.


How inspired you to bump into the music scene at such a tender age?

My cousin gave me my first taste of rap with Run DMC. The freedom of their expression brought me in. I was hooked after that.

Who from the musical community do you consider as your biggest inspiration?

 I can’t lie its a mix of the greats. I am a real music fan, so I could go all day.  Michael Jackson, Rakim, The Isley Brothers, Sam Cook, Big L,  Tribe Called Quest, Dj  Quik, Ice cube, Scarface, Biggie Smalls, and 2pac. Just to name a very few.

Your latest single is receiving much love from the audience, how do you feel about it?

 It is a blessing. I worked hard on this. It’s come back of sorts as I had stopped making music for like 8yrs, so it is incredible having success after this long away.

Your fans would be delighted to hear about your musical journey so far, could you share some words for them.

Well, to make it short and sweet. My musical journey has been a beautiful struggle. I have literally and figuratively has shed blood, sweat, and tears from my mind,  body, and soul for this. I took the hard road. No handouts, I earned respect and paid dues to get here. It is my honor to be here to share it with yall.

In what ways have you adapted to the changing norms of the industry?

Well, I have been an internet promotions guy from the start. I helped start internet marketing and promotions as an actual thing. So I had no problem. I have been helping to create the platform since the beginning, so I am just seeing all my plans and planning coming to pass as I am rising n this time and going up.

What values do you hold while striving to bring something new to the scene?

I just want to make it fun again. Bring back the party. Bring back the love and make some real art that can stand the test of time.

According to you what is the biggest challenge an aspiring artist faces amidst the big names?

Promotion snd marketing at this point.

Any plans of going live in the future, if yes then which is your dream venue?

Yes, if it ever comes back, of course, I do. Dream venue would have to be the staple Center or The Rosemont Pavilion.

Any word of advice for the upcoming artists, who want to make it big in the hip-hop scene

Do you. Respect the craft. And the market and promote.

The current anemic is giving a tough time to all. How do you cope with it and what would you suggest to your fans?

Start a business. Get focused on your dream.  Make a new way to get it. Stay positive as possible, even if you are down. Envision getting back up what it will take. And get to it.

What’s next in your list?

I have the remix to my single I Hustle To Eat. Keep pushing my latest Pimp Coupe and prepare for the release of Checks Now. I am also working on my multi-platform  interview show call Dasupportreport and making new music

Do you wish to take interest in any other genre other than hip-hop, if yes, what would that be?

I love music period so you could catch me singing rapping I could do rock I could branch out where ever art and inspiration spark.


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