‘Lights (Radio Edit)’ by Flowmotion tops the popularity chart becoming the number one choice for club-goers


The colorful instrumentation blended with the mesmerizing vocal prowess denotes ‘Lights (Radio Edit)’, the debut single by renowned international DJ Flowmotion.

The newly born genre of EDM has taken over the music festivals and club scenes with its exuberant rhythmic style becoming favorite for DJs and club-goers alike. Eminent DJ Flowmotion has dished out his debut number ‘Lights (Radio Edit)’ after successfully conquering the biggest Clubs in Austria like Praterdome Vienna, Empire St. Martin, Till Neulengbach and many more. The track forms a perfect union between the charismatic guitar riffs and the captivating and syncopated synths producing a symphony of ultimate acoustic ecstasy. The steady build-up leading up to the chill drop incorporated with the perfect instrumentation heats up the stage exuding his brilliant passion and high energy.

DJ Flowmotion

Influenced by Steve Aoki, AVICII, Diplo, and many more, the Austria-based DJ Flowmotion has formulated a unique rhythmic cadence with a blend of techno house, trap and hip hop in his latest studio release ‘Lights (Radio Edit)’ presenting some inimitable sound and textures. The melodic guitar at the beginning of the track creates an atmosphere of serene bliss escalating steadily to the syncopated drum beats and the breathtaking synth tonality with the backing up off the boisterous vocal dexterity. Follow the internationally acclaimed artist on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and find out about his upcoming projects.

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