‘Love Sick Dream’ by Daniel Halaby is the perfect blend of rich resonating texture and dreamy vocals


The indefinable melodic cadence of the track ‘Love Sick Dream’ by talented musician Daniel Halaby overlaps various genres to achieve its typical glory.

The idyllic atmospheric subgenre of alternate music, the psychedelic dream pop music explores around diverse electro sonic textures to achieve a distinctively dreamy and ecstatic rhythmic cadence. Thriving artist of the genre Daniel Halaby gives away a psychedelic jam drenched in distortion and tremolo arm effect through his latest creation ‘Love Sick Dream’. The song kicks off with his blissful melodic vocals wrapped up in a blanket of an ethereal melodic pattern generated through processed, echo-laden guitars and hypnotizing synthesizers. The sweet lyrical illustration opulent with beautiful symbolism encapsulates his literary articulacy creating a reverie of absolute tonal pleasure.

Daniel Halaby

Determined to spread his vibrant positivity to his followers through his songs, rising multi-instrumentalist from LA, experiments with diverse sonic elements from various genres to achieve perfection. His finest number ‘Love Sick Dream’ features some staggering guitar riffs incorporated with some shimmering instrumentation crafting a symphony to serene ecstasy. Armed with his naturally breathy and soulful vocals, Daniel Halaby breathes life into the composition enhancing the eloquence of the captivating libretto. Get ready to bask in his upcoming single and a new album Bluish Purple releasing very soon. Be a part of his musical saga and follow him on YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.

Video link: https://youtu.be/SLrjc0f3rwU


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