Mr. Craig has enthralled the Audience with the Fascinating Groove in the Music Video ‘BELIEVE’


A scintillating show is laid out by the prodigious rapper Mr. Craig in the rap song from his latest music video. He has come with a vivacious number ‘BELIEVE’ that is exquisite and sassy. According to me, the track by the New York hip hop artist Mr. Craig has got mesmerizing beats. He is also the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘Strict-ly Entertainment’ that has futuristic facilities. The talented rapper who hailed from New York was known previously by the name ‘Strict-ly Shadow’. One can get in touch with the rapper by logging on to his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handle.

Mr. Craig

In the brilliant music video ‘BELIEVE’ by the gifted musician Mr. Craig there is plenty of energy that comes with an unwavering passion. In my opinion, the stunning track deserves four and a half stars. The hard-working hip hop artist based out of Virginia was also compared to greats like Lupe Fiasco and Tupac. He has been inspired by legends like WuTang, Biggie, Jadakiss, Run-Dmc, and Rakim to name a few. He is gearing up with his next music project and also trying his hand in a film script. To watch the fantastic music video by the singer, one can log on to major trending platforms like YouTube.

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