Negrito Heats Up the Atmosphere with the Brilliant Presentation of His New EP


Setting up the mood from the very first moment, this new EP from Negrito is simply breathtaking, and showers the soul with various factors that have helped in gaining an experience, which is authentic, refreshing, and engaging. Getting started by the ‘Intro’ track, the collection sets on an unforgettable musical journey. The sound is immediately addictive, creating a feeling of belonging to the multilayered soundscape. However, the presence of the sound gets to be felt more strongly with the track titled the same as that of the EP, ‘New Beginnings’. The sound out of nowhere captures the heart and refuses to let it loose.


The distant rhythm of ‘Here We Go Again’, however, wins over the heart and soul due to its seemingly appealing and enchanting development. A personal favorite from my side, as this is where the sound feels complete and keeps the mind engaged. Performance-wise as well, this track is a winner here, portraying the satisfying moments with bliss. Coming to a perfect end with ‘Back on the Road’, this EP justifies all the aspects of musicality, leaving no loophole at all. Negrito has truly lived up to the expectations of his listeners and hoping that he would come up with something new and exciting in the coming days.

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