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Saad Lamjarred (Arabic: سعد لمجرد‎; born April 7, 1985) is a Moroccan Arab pop singer, dancer, singer-songwriter, actor and record producer.
Musical career:
Lamjarred was born in 1985, the son of Bachir Abdou, a Moroccan Arab classical singer, and Nezha Regragui, an actress and comedian. Lamjarred developed an early interest in music at age four and started to sing his father’s songs. He attended the Conservatory of Music in Rabat, where he studied music art theory. In 2007, he placed second on Super Star, a widely popular Arabic television show, in season 4 of the series that was won by the Tunisian Marwan Ali.
In 2011, Lamjarred started his acting career, playing the male lead in Ahlam Nassim, a Moroccan soap opera. He released an album in 2013, entitled Wala Aalik. That same year, he released two more albums, namely Salinaand Enty. The title song of the latter, « Enty Baghya Wahad », became one of Lamjarred’s biggest hits and earned him an award at the Méditel Morocco Music Awards 2014.
Lamjarred was also nominated for the Best Middle East Act at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards. He won the Murex d’Or in the category of « Best Arabic Song » for his 2014 song « Enty Baghya Wahad ».
The music video for Lamjarred’s 2015 hit single, « LM3ALLEM » (Arabic: لمعلم‎), earned a Guinness World Record achievement after garnering 500 million views on YouTube within three months of release, As of January 2018, the video is the most viewed Arabic video on YouTube, garnering more than 570 million views.
His hits « Ghaltana » and « Ana Machi Sahel » have garnered 170 million and 140 million views respectively on YouTube.

Awards and nominations:
Saad Lamjarred has received various awards and nominations.
Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2014 MTV Europe Music Award
Best Song ENTY Nominated
2014 Morocco Music Awards Best Song ENTY Won
2015 Murex d’or
Best Arabic Song ENTY Won
2015 DearGuest Award
Best Song Lmaallem Won
2016 Murex d’or
Best Male Singer Saad Lamjarred Nominated
2016 Big Apple Music Awards Best Male Singer Saad Lamjarred Nominated
2016 MTV Africa Music Awards
Listener’s Choice Saad Lamjarred Nominated
2017 Anghami
More than 100 millions plays Saad Lamjarred Won
2017 Arab Nation Music Awards Best Moroccan Song Ghaltana Won
2017 Arab Nation Music Awards Best Music Video On Youtube Ana Machi Sahel Won
2017 Arab Nation Music Awards Best Arabic Song Ghaltana Won
2017 Murex d’or
Best Arabic Song Ghaltana Won
2017 Murex d’or
The People’s Choice Award Saad Lamjarred Won
2017 daf BAMA Music Awards Best Song LET GO Won
2017 Morocco Music Awards Best Music Video LET GO Won

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