Sini has mesmerized with exquisite electro and tech house genre tunes in the peach of a track ‘It’s Not Love’


A brilliant show has been put up by the brilliant artist Sini whose real name is Sina Yalcin. He has come up with the breathtaking track ‘It’s Not Love’ that has broken conventional myths. The singer who was born in Germany started his journey as a label owner, producer, and DJ. Born in Wiesbaden, his childhood passion as a 9-year-old was playing the guitar. He worked as DJ in Frankfurt playing mainly R&B and hip hop.

He discovered his skills and etched out a niche with his first release coming from the avant-garde production house ‘BigCityBeats Recordings’. He was inspired by iconic legends like Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell. He has dished out brilliant sounds of progressive, electro and tech-house. Some of the hit numbers remixed by him are ‘Speechless’, ‘Glad You Come’. He has belted out other remarkable tracks like ‘Road Jack’.

We had the great opportunity to spend a few hours with the astounding artist. He was candid enough to grant us the privilege to have a word with him delving deep into the core of his life. Such moments are a rarity and can be cherished for the rest of our life. The fans can plug into popular music streaming sites like Spotify to listen to his incredible tracks. We began the interview by congratulating him on his latest endeavor.


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How you did first began your musical career? Is it something that you imbibed from any of your family members, I mean was it genetic or you are the first person from your family to take up the massive challenge?

Well, of course, everybody was listening to music in some way, and my parents introduced me to the Turkish guitar at a young age but I wasn’t really into it at that time what I regret a little bit now. It really began with the U.S rap music wave that was coming to Germany. Of course, we didn’t understand everything that they were saying but what got us going were the beats. We saw some DJs in our town throwing parties, having fun, and making people dance. Instead of doing homework, I spent every free minute in a local Vinyl Store, where I also got my first vinyl. I think it was What´s Luv from Fat Joe feat. Ashanti if I remember it right. Of course, I had to get some turntables which were the Technics 1210 at that time to play the records I already bought. And here I am now.

Was there any kind of inspiration to look up to from a very early age like they say that the mother of all art is an imitation or was it just a personal drive?

As I mentioned before, I wanted always the freshest tunes at a young age. But what I didn’t know was that it became a passion for life mixing making music. You could always see the results of your work when people are always coming where you DJ just because you are behind the decks.

Do socio-political forces in the place you reside had a considerable impact on your creative entity or was it just love for the art that prompted you to become a musician?

Just the love and passion for the art. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Was there any sort of collaborations or joint venture that you did very early in your career or you went ahead on your own and backed your skills? If there was any collaborative effort can you mention that for the audience to know?

Back in 2006, I started Solution Deejays with my friend and brother RMA. We began to produce Mixtapes with the hottest and mostly unknown Hip-Hop/RnB tracks for the germans that came fresh from the U.S. Because it was new and nobody did it as we did before, we were extremely successful with that.

You have been into music in the genres of R&B and pop but when did you shift gears and become a pro in the tech, progressive, and electro house genres? Is there some specification in the genre you are working currently attracts you immensely?

I always try not to limit myself. I get really bored with a genre if I do 3 or 4 tracks in the same style. But what I always do in every track is to have a melodic ear candy just to switch up things even if I do a heavy electro track. I think that’s very important not only for myself but for the listener as well to have a little break between for the ears to keep the track interesting.


Are you a firm believer in the fact creative excellence resides way above material success or do you have other opinions about it? Can you just put some light on it for your fans to understand? 

To keep it short: If you stay creative and if you do what you love, or you find your passion, success will find you in any way. That’s what I believe.

Was your journey an easy one or did you face any impediment of sorts while you started or along the way? What kind of problems and obstacles came your way if there was any?

Definitely not an easy one. As a DJ from the Hip-Hop/RnB Scene who “converted” to house/EDM music, everything was harder. Mixing Tracks was not a problem at all but I wanted to do my own productions. I had to learn to produce which took really years and thousands of shitty finished and unfinished tracks to understand how producing  REALLY works. I think that most of the audience knows what I mean.

Are you taken aback by the kind of response that you receive while traveling to different cities across the globe? Or is it very natural for you to handle such pressures as you are used to it from an early age?

I am always blown away if I get all the positive energy back and that’s what its worth for to travel days and weeks far away from home. Traveling as such is not pressuring at all if you have a balanced lifestyle.

Which has been your favorite performance to date? Or it is yet to come and the fans might keep the fingers crossed?

Isle of Dreams back in 2014 I think where I played for 15.000 people. My Track Feel was the official Festival Anthem and I had goosebumps on stage when thousands were singing the lyrics along. I had bigger things planned and locked this year but due to the situation right now we sadly had to reschedule to early next year so stay tuned.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to date from the musical fraternity? Given a chance do you want to meet him or her in person?

Calvin Harris. He heavily supported my track Razz up. it was a huge honor for me that one of the biggest or even the biggest superstar is playing my track on festivals all around the world. I have met him at the isle of the dream festival backstage. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was walking with a bunch of securities and he was talking to one of his team. I just said Adam Iʼm Sini thank you so much for supporting Razz Up. He just said oh Razz Up nice tune and instantly he sums the lead melody. I was blown away. I asked for a picture to capture this great experience and of course, he said. I was afraid to hug him because of his status. But I didn´t need it because he did it. I was blown away how down to earth and such a great person Adam (Calvin Harris) is even being so successful. That really inspires me still today. Thank you again for this great experience, Adam.

Does the recent Covid-19 pandemic has touched you in any way or the other as so many lives are lost across our planet? How do you look at the entire scenario?

Well, Covid-19 canceled all tour dates of us all, which is very unfortunate for us DJs in general. But the most important thing is to stay safe and healthy. We have to stay strong not just for us but for everyone and I hope we see a better situation by the end of the year.

How do you cope up with the challenges of being a popular figure? How do you tackle pressures of popularity and come to terms with other professional hazards and deal with it regularly?

Always stay humble, because nothing is for granted. Stay positive to keep negativity in all forms away


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