‘Spotlight’ by Jessie ware is a charming representation of modern dance and funk with a hint of nostalgia


Multi-talented musician Jessie ware presents her latest creation ‘Spotlight’ showcasing some surreal funk and dance beats laced with her powerful singing.

Being a hardcore fan of dance and funk I am well familiarized with the mesmerizingly brilliant soundscape of the eminent artist of the genre Jessie ware. As a follower of her outstanding musicality, I was ecstatic to come across her newest creation ‘Spotlight’ which is arguably her finest number. The song marks her comeback to the music scene with a dynamic bang. Kicking off with a grand instrumental introduction interlaced with her enticing vocal magnificence the track quickly escalates to match up to the groovy rhythmic cadence that follows. Her charming singing ability has put me in a trance as always leaving me craving for more.


With four BRIT-nominations plus a Mercury Prize nomination and three top-ten albums under her belt, the UK’s favorite musician Jessie ware knocked me off my feet with her funky dance melodic soundtrack ‘Spotlight’. Her ethereal singing incorporated with a sequence of captivating resonating cadence laden with instrumental glory enhances the eloquence of the picturesque lyrical illustration of the track. Her other masterful works like ‘Say You Love Me’, ‘Save A Kiss- Single Edit’, ‘What’s Your Pleasure’, and ‘Selfish love’ introduced me to her elegant nu-disco charms. Follow her thematic journey on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and wait for her future projects.

Website: https://www.jessieware.com/


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