T Law has come up with breathy vocals in the entrancing tracks from his latest EP ‘T Law’s Harmony’


T Law captivated the audience with riveting beats in the tracks from his EP ‘T Law’s Harmony’. It is a ripping performance by the Chicago multi-genre singer.

A fascinating execution is very much on the cards with the release of the new EP by T Law whose real name is Terrell Lawson. The singer who is a songwriter as well has belted out a magnificent EP called ‘T Law’s Harmony’. The 5 track EP by the Chicago multi-genre singer has tracks like ‘Music Is Lost’, ‘Old School Jam Session’, ‘Very Special Cover’ as all the three-song features Unique Soul along with ‘Fighting Temptations’ and ‘Fighting Temptations Pt 2’. He is the owner of a futuristic production house called ‘Lawson’ that has state of the art facilities. In my opinion, the tracks are profound and uplifting. The fans can fetch more information about the swashbuckling artist by logging on to his profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the tracks ‘Music Is Lost’, ‘Old School Jam Session’, ‘Very Special Cover’, ‘Fighting Temptations’, and ‘Fighting Temptations Pt 2’ from the EP ‘T Law’s Harmony’ by T Law there is an engaging vibe. According to me, the tracks deserve four and a half stars. He enjoys a fan base in Cameroon and Ukraine. He has also collaborated with eminent rappers like Karizmatik. To listen to his savvy numbers, the audiences can plug into popular music streaming apps like Spotify.

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