The Upcoming Chicago Music Artist Mario Barr Brings Back The Vibes Of Raw Hip Hop With ‘THEY SAY’


Explore the blend of majestic vocal performance, beats, stunning soundscape, and soothing bars in the track ‘THEY SAY’ by upcoming Chicago music artist Mario Barr.

Mario Barr

Mario Barr has kept the buzz alive with his latest YouTube release. The way he has expressed his creativity and vocal prowess through this track is simply breathtaking. The sound felt similar to me, yet the presentation was refreshing, and the smooth bass-line just capitalized over the built moments, to make the track much greater in terms of musicality. ‘THEY SAY’ has a simple sound, but the way in which the simplicity has been presented by upcoming Chicago music artist is impressive and impactful. The entire structure of this track melodically soothing and lyrically relatable, which really kept me hooked. The lyricism has provided the much-needed backbone to the entire presentation.

 The bars have been laid perfectly over the soundscape, which has made the track much more likable. The soundscape has allowed the ingredients of the track to capture the heart of the listener. With each passing second, the backdrop gets more intense and makes the track much more irresistible. Mario Barr has showered this track with his ultimate love for the genre, which is evident from its presentation. ‘THEY SAY’ is the kind of track that I can listen to on loop for the entire day. That’s how great the stature of the presentation of this track is.

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