‘Then Why?!’ by preeminent musician Etienne Stadwijk provokes your thoughts spewing words of tolerence


Well-seasoned musician Etienne Stadwijk asserts his astonishing thematic capabilities through his rhythmically opulent and lyrically refreshing soundtrack ‘Then Why?!’.

Etienne Stadwijk

Music holds an extraordinary power over humanity providing sanctuary for lost souls or being the mouthpiece for the generation in their revolution. Eminent keyboard player and producer Etienne Stadwijk found his solace in the heart of the music as a way of expressing his thoughts about the socio-cultural atmosphere of the world with his thematic creation ‘Then Why?!’. The music video illustrates some of history’s worst acts against humanity through its powerful and moving visuals accompanied by a poignant rhythmic cadence featuring glorious instrumentation. Credited to musicians like Paul Simon, Maxwell, Marcus Miller, Richard Bona, Nona Hendryx, Harry Belafonte, and many others, the soundtrack is destined to make a huge difference in the current social climate with its tantalizing tonality.

The New York-based musician Etienne Stadwijk flaunts his outstanding Keyboard playing skills and sophisticated articulacy through his latest MV ‘Then Why?!’. Armed with his literary capability, the song not only depicts the pain and suffering of humanity due to social injustice, but it also conveys the power of tolerance to conquer it. His mesmerizing and melodic vocals breathe life into the composition casting a charm over the audience. Visit his website and follow him on YouTube and get ready for him performing live in NYC and around the world very soon.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FPV0mHA3UY


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