ThisIsRed gets candid following her recent release ‘Freaky For Me’


The Ohio based aspiring hip hop artist ThisIsRed has been consistently portraying her captivating artistic skills through her amazing tracks. With her very first project, titled ‘Heart Krys’, the artist had made the audience fall in love with her charming musicality and blissful musicianship.

She has always worked on her skills and gifted something new to the audience. Her experimental work and expressive storytelling have made her stand ahead of the curve. Her work is heavily influenced by the struggles and hunger of common people, which makes her even more proud of her work.

Her tracks carry the true essence of the hip hop/rap genre, which is pretty evident from her latest release ‘Freaky For Me’ as well. Featuring LLA Dame, this track has lived up to the expectations of the audience and left them spellbound.


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Redefining the rap genre, ThisIsRed has stunned the audience with her latest release ‘Freaky For Me’. Following this release, the exciting and celebrated talent had an interesting conversation with us.

  • First of all, congratulations on the success of this track. Now, for those who don’t know much, when did you start making music and how did you get into it?

I started making music at a young age it was always how I got things out.

  • How was your experience of working with LLA Dame?

I mean that’s big bro we always have a great time it’s always good vibes.

  • How do you differentiate your way of music-making from any other contemporary artists?

I’m not a bubblegum rapper my music cut and raw I don’t cap rap

  • Who has influenced you the most in choosing music as a career?

My biggest influence would have to be DMX I respect his approach in the industry.

  • Your music has depth and warmth in it, which surely sets you apart – what more do you want to bring into the genre?

I wanna bring versatility back into the mix

  • Do you have any plans of performing live in the near future?

definitely got something in the works just gonna have to stay locked in with me.

  • Within a short span of time, you have gathered a significant fan base. Which aspect of your music, do you think attracts them the most?

The realness. The raw truth. I speak on things most afraid to face.

  • Is there any contemporary artist with whom you would want to collaborate?

Most definitely I would love to Collab with Young MA, MoneyBagg Yo, Trip, and Lito of course. Most of all Gotti I got mad respect for that man.

  • What do you want the audiences to take away from your musical releases?

I want folks to follow my journey and understand who I am now as a person and as an artist.

  • How do you prepare yourself before recording any track?

I mean on a real I roll up and get in my vibe

  • Is there something new coming up that the fans can expect from you?

I dropped a new visual as a matter fact its also available on all platforms it’s called No More go run that up!!! Got some other joints I’m looking to release before the end of the year dope collaboration with NikaBeatz And a few more with Kharmatik.


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