Upcoming Rapper Nappy Flock Is Redefining Progressive and Outspoken Hiphop with His Single ‘Raise Hell/Rage’


Hiphop’s significance as one of the most impactful vocal and artistic expressions has been interpreted by artists with their diverse knowledge and insight on the same. Upcoming hiphop artist and rapper Nappy Flock is bringing to the table his eccentricity of creative and musical wisdom through the coordinates of his new release, ‘Raise Hell/Rage’. The song is not the conventional approach to hiphop and rap and imbibes a diverse degree of creative freedom that has made an impact on me immensely. The video of the song is also arranged as if to metaphorically and visually present its thematic turbulences.


The song ‘Raise Hell/Rage’ is radicalizing the virtues of contemporary hiphop and rap in the backdrop of socio-cultural issues. As a result, his importance as an artist in the global and collective resurgence of artistic protest is gradually becoming the center point of acknowledgment by the audience. Nappy Flock has beautifully curated the song with his intense vocals, flashy thematic imagery, and a rhythmic synchronization that has me anticipating for more of new releases. His tracks ‘Animal’, ‘Slide Den’, ‘Gang’, and ‘Pop Out’ have already started carriage to global popularity. Follow him on YouTube and Instagram for more updates on his releases.

Watch NAPPY FLOCK’s elevated style of rapping on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg3xrEywkgM


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