Witness the marvelous rhyming scheme of eminent hip hop artist LIL Z in his latest creation ‘Idgaf’


The newly released track ‘Idgaf’ by New Mexico music artist LIL Z establishes an incredible balance between the melodic cadence and the outstanding rap flow.

Being a fan of unconventional hip hop, I am always on the lookout for fresh and unorthodox numbers to quench my thirst. Equipped with his compellingly unparalleled rhyming style, promising rapper LIL Z has won me over with his finest creation ‘Idgaf’, produced by Beatz Era, exuding his brilliant artistry. The hard-hitting flow of the track escalates swiftly to match up to the exuberant verse throw of the clever and articulate libretto forming an ambiance of pure acoustic bliss. Being well versed in the art of lyrical wordplay, he perfectly executes his thoughts and feelings to the audience through the apt employment of rejuvenating and illustrative words.

What impressed me most is that the creative endeavors of the New Mexico music artist utilizing his hard-earned musical wisdom and genuine passion to satisfy his hunger for perfection. The pummeling verse delivery in the track ‘Idgaf’, produced by Beatz Era, engulfed my mind incorporating smoothly with the resonating rhythmic groove to create a symphony to complete perfection. LIL Z also known as LvLzeze breathes life into the picturesque lyrics of the rap flow with the backing up of his powerful and husky vocal dexterity. Amazed by his creative genius, I could not help but bask in his other soundtracks like ‘A new day’, ‘Ball out’ x Woo sosa, ‘Drugs’ featuring Woo sosa, and ‘Don’t Call Back’. Follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram for more musical treats.

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