Xalser collaborates with a fine-sounding vocalist to release his most notable production ‘Yesterday’

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Talented DJ/ producer/ songwriter Xalser releases his next euphoric and eclectic song ‘Yesterday’ that is going to live with the audience for a very long time.

Hugely popular among the crowd for his exotic musical pieces, producer Xalser has returned with yet another club-favorite track that explores his creativity in the most refined manner. With his fantastic and unusual dance music creations, the DJ comes up with harder, stronger, and addictive rhythms every time he releases a new sound. There’s always something intriguing about his music that impresses the audience and makes them addicted to his innumerable hits. So far this talented DJ has teamed up with several vocalists to gift his diverse harmonies an added edge and with his new song, he has efficiently launched his name to a whole new level.

‘Yesterday (Ben Casey Remix)’ is outstanding sounding music where a beautiful and haunting female voice merges seamlessly with the music producer’s unpredictable EDM music. The whole concoction is enthralling and gets the energy pumped up with its exotic style of music. The well-arranged beat pattern and the progressive instrumental music gift the soundscape an extraordinary exposure that touches the heart of every listener. A perfect groovy number that lets the audience let loose and groove to its fluid deep music. Apart from the dashing sound, the lead female vocalist has contributed her rich vocals to perform the incredibly intimate and explicit lyrics written by the DJ himself. Being a songwriter, the artist has enhanced the grandeur of the song with his affluent word choice.

Xalser whose name is pronounced as Zal-ser has built this eclectic track ‘Yesterday (Ben Casey Remix)’ under the label PSYDLX RCRDS and makes sure that all his productions get the people moving to his enchanting music. Apart from this song, the music producer has recorded several other tracks like 6 Inch Heels’, ‘Still love Ya’, ‘Portal’, ‘Ur Soul’, and ‘Theory’ with various remarkable artists and you can now tune into all his music on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Aldo, follow him on Instagram for more details.

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