DAN-P – Baby Come Back « Music Video »

DAN-P – Baby Come Back « Music Video »

Dan P releases his new music video « Baby Come Back » directed by Mombo Films

Dan P is an emerging Montreal artist of Haitian descent.

Singer-songwriter and dancer, his new show  »Dan-P’s Confusion » combines catchy music, class and seduction on rhythms that express all the richness of his African-American musical heritage.

He is accompanied in his performance by a DJ-beat man, singers and Street Dance choreographers.

His songs in Pop, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Reggae styles express his deep cultural values ​​and address taboo and current topics, on the themes of desire, seduction and love-commitment conflict in a world dominated by infidelity and the desire for professional success.

This debut show, as a professional artist, introduces his upcoming album with his new single  »Rie or Die » (Spring 2020 Launch) and features his latest EP  »Confusion » which features several Hits that sparked a strong following on YouTube and social networks including Baby Girl, Baby Come Back, Fast Forward, and Feeling U.


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