Method Man apologizes to Destiny’s Child 21 years later: ‘Y’all did not deserve that’

Sorry » is all Method Man needs to get by. The legendary rapper issued a decades-old apology to Destiny’s Child for a perceived slight, saying that the trio « did not deserve that. At all. »

Let’s set the stage. It’s 2001. Pop music is at its bubblegum millennial peak. Destiny’s Child, once a foursome, has reached its ultimate form as a triad: BeyoncéKelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

It’s Janet Jackson‘s MTV Icon special, at which the ladies were in attendance to honor the then- and current-queen of pop and R&B.

Method Man had met the girl group back in 1999, when DC had four members, and felt a level of comfort with them.

« I see the girls, and so, you know, I kind of moseyed out of my seat to go and say what’s up to them, » Method Man (real name Clifford Smith, Jr.) told rapper Math Hoffa on the latter’s podcast, My Expert Opinion.

Meth noted that this was during his « low self-esteem era » during which he had an addiction to ecstasy and was riddled with depression and anxiety.

« I go over to say hi to them, and when I said hi, they didn’t even turn around and acknowledge me. Now, my a– in my head with my low self-esteem is like, ‘Oh, they just s—ted on me.’ When in fact they didn’t even hear me. »


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