illumi9Beats, Sint Maarten Producer Collaborate with HoodRatholly New Single “Been Lit”

to know Loving son Montoban, also known as illumi9Beats. He is a high-energy and creative producer from the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten. His path to becoming a music producer.

Began when he first started to learn how to play the piano, by taking some piano classes and then moving on to being a drummer. From there he started remaking other artists’ beats as a hobby. After getting familiar with the process that’s when he decided to start doing his own creative craft. He also sent his first beat to American Rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The superstar told him “you can make great beats but you need to work on your mixes. From there illuminine Beats gained confidence in himself to push harder and become more serious in the music production.

He successfully worked with artists such as Boni-Faas, MookTBG, Hoodratholly, Illuminine Beats is a music producer that likes to craft sounds with catchy melodies and a floating vibe.” Illuminine Beats is inspired by many top producers. Producers that inspired him the most are Zaytoven, Chopsquad DJ, Vybe Beatz, SuperstarO and Nard & B.’s next move is to be a multi-platinum producer, and award-winning producer.

I’m looking to work with top artists in the music industry, and also collaborate with major producers, and artists in the industry.

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