Rick Ross Says He Don’t Trust Kanye West

Rick Ross Says Kanye West Reached Out To Him, Says He Don’t Trust Ye

Rick Ross is the latest to state that he thinks Kanye West has something up his sleeve.

Kanye West has been the talk of the town over the last few weeks, ever since announcing that he would be running for President in the upcoming US election. The vote has been deemed one of the most important in history as Americans decide whether to keep incumbent POTUS, Donald Trump, in power for the next 4 years or to introduce fresh blood into the White House. Kanye’s political campaign has gotten off to a shaky start with his inaugural rally devolving into an emotional spectacle that saw the “Famous” rapper reveal that he had considered aborting his eldest child. It was the first indication of a bipolar episode that included Kanye posting a series of defamatory — and slightly delusional — tweets about his family, and rumors of divorce between him and Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West and Rick Ross have been friends for many years, but the latter told Billboard how he felt his homie had some ‘splaining to do regarding his recent behavior. “I’m gonna wait for his phone call again,” the “Pinned to the Cross” rapper told the publication, admitting that he had missed it the first time Kanye tried to reach out. “And hopefully, I’m up to catch that motherf***er and ask a few questions. He gotta clarify some things, though. It ain’t looking good.”

Rick Ross is not entirely alone in his skepticism. During his own recent interview with Billboard, 50 Cent verbalized his belief that Kanye’s campaign is a distraction tactic to take votes away from Trump’s competitor, Joe Biden. “I’m going to contemplate running myself. I’m going to run to create a diversion for someone else,” he quipped. “The new thing is to run to create a diversion and distract people. Would you run against someone who just gave you $2 million?”

If only we could be a fly on the wall when Kanye eventually calls back.


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